Siyaram's Suitings

Over the last three decades, Siyaram's Suitings have personified elegance, grace, style & charisma. In the world of men's suiting fabrics, Siyaram's Suitings has always amped up the fashion quotient for the young India.

Truly chic, Siyaram's Suitings has been the perfect choice for meetings in the board room, the comfort pick for leisure events and has been the happy preference for festivities & auspicious affairs such as Marriages.

Our fabrics are weaved from superior yarns, super fine polyesters and from rich fibres to deliver a finish that emblazons impeccability & quality. Our fabrics have supreme crease recovery, flawless fall and enhanced porosity thus ensuring absolute comfort. Our designs radiate freshness and are a hallmark of the fashion in vogue.

In the sphere of blended high fashion suitings, Siyaram's Suitings is the complete embodiment of your appeal and is your statement made in style. This is why, since years, we have said: for men's suiting fabrics, "Come home to Siyaram's".


Siyaram's Shirtings

Over 2000 new dazzling designs every month with wonderful colour chemistry in an array of fabulous fabrics such as polyester viscose linen & cotton linen – welcome to Siyaram's Shirtings!

We are a style universe so vast that we are literally the backdrop of all your events – be it your regular office wear or the chosen special one for your marriage.

Siyaram's is the largest manufacturer of blended fabrics in India and is a key player in the category of branded shirting. With over 3 million meters of shirting fabrics sold each month, we are the largest selling fabric brand and very soon, we will achieve sales of 4 million meters of fabric every month.

Siyaram's is thus the most recognisable & most trusted fabric brand in India, and in the space of premium manufacturing such as luxury cotton fabric & cotton linen fabric, the brand Siyaram's stands right on the top. Team up Siyaram's Shirtings with Siyaram's Suitings to stand out & to be revered in the world of blended high fashion suitings.