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Grooming tips for men

In today’s world, being a gentleman is not enough, you have to look like one too. Deny it all you want, but a man is judged instantly on how he looks and how well-groomed he is. In this blog post we’ll be talking about how you can strike an impression purely on the basis of your grooming.

Take care of your skin
Your face is the first thing that gets noticed. Always keep your skin fresh and healthy. However, even though your face gets noticed the most of the time, that does not mean that you ignore the rest of your body. Apply a good moisturiser on your face and as well on your body. When going out, make sure you apply sunscreen since the sun causes a lot more damage to your skin than you’re aware of. Also, do not let your lips looked chapped. Use a lip balm regularly to make sure your lips are well moisturised.

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Men’s Casual Styles for the weekend | Siyaram Blog

Isn’t the sound of the word ‘weekend’, always pleasant to the ears? Whether it is someone in college or a working person, the weekend is something everyone longs for. So, one has to look his best on such occasions, doesn’t he?

You can choose to go with casual or formal dressing depending on the occasion (which we have covered in our previous blog). Since we usually talk about formal clothing, we hope to take a different approach with a guide to ‘Men’s Casual Styles for the weekend’.

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