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Italian Heritage in Design

You must have heard the word ‘fashion capital’ tons of times. Do you know what it means?
It’s simple; it’s a city that has a major influence on international fashion trends. A city that is way ahead in fashion and design than the rest. The world over, there are mainly four cities that are considered as the ‘BIG FOUR’ among fashion capitals and Milan, Italy, is one of them.
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Outfit Suggestions: Business Casuals

Gone are the days of safari suits and bell bottoms; it is the era of slim-fit trousers and perfectly tailored shirts. These days, many offices have abandoned the idea of strict business clothing such as suits and square leather shoes. The emphasis today, is on the term “business casuals”. Business casuals is a broad term encompassing a whole range of clothing that is stylish and comfortable, yet appropriate for an office environment. Here are a few outfit suggestions to help you build your office wardrobe and master the business casual look.

The Fit

First things first, always wear clothes that fit you perfectly. This point cannot be emphasised enough. Ill-fitting clothes will tarnish your image. Loose, oversized clothes will make you look fat and that’s hardly the look you’re going for. Undersized, tight clothing will make you look like you’re bursting at the seams, as if you’ve worn your teenaged brother’s clothes. They will be extremely uncomfortable to move around in, and you won’t be able to sit down for a long time if you have a desk job. Hence, if you cannot find your size, opt for a tailor service that will give you perfectly tailored clothes that will help you look your best.Shirt FittingsFwd  RE  Siyaram s blog post  - 2


Slim-fit shirts are all the rage in the world of business casuals. These shirts highlight the right features making you appear well built, even if you’re not. They are broader at the shoulders and slimmer on the torso. When tucked in, they look sleek and smart. When untucked, they look relaxed, but still smart. Make it a point to pick these up in a few colours, as they should be a staple in your office wardrobe. Pastel shades for the summers and monsoons, darker colours for the winters; that’s the rule to live by. If you were to add a sports jacket over your shirt, it will add a depth of class to your overall look. Though optional, it will complete your look and keep you classy.

Daper Suit Styles


Let’s discuss pants. The iron-clad rule, when it comes to pants, is never, ever, ever wear ill-fitting pants. Pants have to fit you well. When you wear loose pants, that look baggy, they make you look fatter than you already are. As for tight pants, not only will they give you muffin tops, they will be uncomfortable throughout the day. Opt for trousers that fit well, and if you cannot find your size, don’t be afraid to get them tailored. Colours like black, grey and indigo are all-weather colours that will go with any shirts, pastel or dark. Go ahead and pair your pants with a simple belt, to keep looking professional, but with an edge.

Accessorize Well with Your AttireAccessories

Keep your accessories to a minimum. A simple watch can add class, but a blingy one will look crass. When it comes to shoes, always co-ordinate them with your belt and never forget socks. A pair of classic Oxfords will be the most apt choice for business casuals.

And there you have it, outfit suggestions for business casuals. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.