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International Men’s Day is an annual event celebrated on 19th November, since 1994. The event focuses on promoting male health, gender equality and highlighting male role models. So this International Men’s Day, we bring you something special. Here are a few tips for you to pamper yourself the Right way.

Eat Right

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While men tend to eat everything, it is of utmost importance that you eat the right food. Eating healthy doesn’t mean going on a diet, it is merely just choosing to eat a healthier meal. Here are a few tips you could use from now on:

  • Instead of your morning cup of coffee, switch to Green Tea as it increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight faster.
  • Almonds are a great source of nutrition as well as great for your heart.
  • Eggs serves as a great source of nutrition for your body, it is advisable to eat at least 7-8 eggs a week.
  • Many people dislike oats, but an oatmeal breakfast has the ability to fill your stomach which helps reduce the intake of unnecessary carbs you might eat when you feel hungry.
  • With all this food, it is important to hydrate yourself from time to time. Drink at least 1-2 litres of water a day.

Stay Fit

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Many people think that you can only love exercise if you are a fitness freaks, but in reality everyone must take some time out to work out. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join the gym in order to be be fit. Try taking time out for a run or a walk in the morning. Not only will it help you reduce some weight, a simple walk has the ability to clear your mind.

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If running isn’t your style, try yoga – it helps improve your balance and strength while at the same time reducing your stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga daily can increase your energy and decrease fatigue.


Dress Right

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Your appearance says a lot about you. It is important to dress well, no matter what the occasion might be. Dressing well promotes a great first impression.The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself will change the way other people hear what you say.
Remember, the first rule for dressing right is to find the proper fit. Rely on a tailor to correct the fit of readymades and a good tailoring house for bespoke wear.
A loosely fitted shirt will make your appearance baggy, while tight fitting clothing will limit and restrict your movements.

Do not forget to follow our 3 tips to lead a healthier, happier life!

Happy International Men’s Day.

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Men’s style guide to dress trousers

Trousers are one of the essential elements of any outfit. They serve as the anchor to your entire outfit. Getting the fit and style of your trousers right has a huge effect on your look. While shopping for trousers make sure that they fit you perfectly, the colour of the pants complements your skin and mostly that the style of the pants matches your age and body shape. Here is our guide on how to choose the right trouser.
Formal Wear:
Having the right ensemble for work is of the utmost importance as your look determines the way people will respond to you. Your dress trousers should have a single defined crease on each side of the pant. Dress Trousers come in two popular styles: pleated and flat front.

Pleated Trousers:
A pleat is a fold in the fabric sewn beneath the waistband on the front of a pair of trousers. Pleated pants are worn on the waist. Men with large thick thighs should opt for one or two pleats as they provide more room and are more comfortable while sitting but if you have a slim frame then stay away from pleated pants as they make your torso seem bulky.

Pleated Trousers

Flat Front:
If you prefer a well-fitted pant then flat front trousers are the just the thing for you. These trousers are a good choice for office wear as it is both comfortable and fashionable. These pants are worn on the hips. Slimmer individuals should opt for these types of trousers.

Flat Front Trousers

Chinos or cotton trousers can be worn to formal as well as casual events. The material used in these pants are lightweight cotton which makes them comfortable to wear. Therefore, it is considered as a semi-formal look in most office environments. Your Chinos should be comfortable to wear. For a formal attire, throw on a blazer over a light shirt and swap your sneakers for brogues giving you a more sharper look. The best chino pants come in a simple colour like beige, navy or black.

Formal Attire

Whether you are searching for a formal pair or a casual pair, make sure that they are well fitted. Pants determine whether your body appears tall or short. A well-fitted trouser is a piece of art. Let us know your thoughts and views about this article. Do follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.