#Beyond Boundaries: Saluting the passion of the blind

         Don’t we all enjoy a good game of cricket? The smell of the freshly mowed grass, the sound of the thousands fans screaming and cheering as the ball goes straight over the stadium fences, or the anticipation of the last ball. But have you ever wondered what happens when you can’t see the ball coming at you and all you have to rely on is something that sounds like a rattle and the words, ‘Play, Play, Play’?

There are many visually challenged people who go beyond their boundaries to follow their passions not only for cricket but also in life. To celebrate and make people aware of these passions and dedications, we at Siyaram’s decided to collaborate with Rotary Club and the Blind Welfare Association of India to bring to light the lives of those who live in darkness. The event chosen was the Inter-State Blind Cricket Cup.

(Team Punjab bringing on the cheer before starting the match)

Blind Cricket is a version of cricket adapted for the blind and partially sighted players. The All-India tournament was a 3 day affair with teams from 8 different states across the country — Maharashtra, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. The tournament was held in Mumbai from 16th-18th January, 2018, with matches at Islam Gymkhana. 

The first day saw a lot of enthusiasm from the 8 state teams at the opening ceremony on the Islam Gymkhana ground. Matches were played only in daylight so as to allow players a better chance to see the ball. The scores and live commentary was made available on the Zooter app. Their spirit was remarkable and there was never a challenge that the teams couldn’t face.

The rules of Blind Cricket are very similar to that of cricket with only differences in the way they play it. For example, the ball that they play with has to be a size 3 Mitre ball, or equivalent and has to be white, filled with ball bearings. This allows partially sighted players to see the ball and the contents allow blind players to hear it. The stumps are 10 inches wide such that partially sighted players can see them and blind players can touch it in order to correctly orient themselves when batting or bowling. Bails are not used. They commonly use of the ‘sweep shot’, in order to provide the maximum chance of the bat hitting the ball. To see what ball is used in this game, head over to our Facebook page: http://bit.ly/2GzGtRE

The excitement and zeal with which the teams played with was truly remarkable to watch! Our three-day event ended with the Gujarat team winning the tournament and the Madhya Pradesh team bagging the runner’s up title.
Players from team Gujarat like Hitesh Pandya and Ashwin Kumar were key players in their journey to victory. They were named ‘Best Bowler’ and ‘Best Fielder’ respectively. Not to forget Ketan Patel who was truly an honour to watch. He scored a total of 238 runs and took 3 wickets for his team in the tournament. He was also awarded the titles of ‘Man of the Series’ and the ‘Best Batsman’.  With grit, determination and passion these men achieved success, after all people with true passion make the impossible happen no matter the hurdles. Let us give a round of applause to these brave men and salute them for who they are!

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5 Ways To Reinvent Your Style

2018 is beginning to set in and with it, has come many fashion trends for you to look out for. Be it the bold coloured shoes or the fashion tips on dressing the modern man or the experiments with colours, if there is one thing that we know is that the key to dressing the modern man is to maintain a smart, streamlined look. So here are 5 tips that you could use if you are willing to go the distance and reinvent your style for 2018.

1. Change your Office Wear
Bored of the everyday monotony of the same old formal wear? It is very rare that you would find offices that do not require their employees to follow a dress code. For most men working in the country, a crisp formal shirt and pants are a must-have. And even though you can’t show up to work dressed in shorts and wearing whatever you want, you can always accessorize your look and amp up your formal wear to suit your comfort and style. Start with incorporating patterns in your shirts, like stripes or checks.
If smart casuals are allowed, try the combination of smart separates, i.e a T-shirt paired with a suit or a smart jacket paired with a pair of well-fitted chinos or sleek leather shoes will also do the trick. For the weekend you can swap your formal trousers for a nice pair of jeans (ideally a straight leg or a tapered fit); avoid torn or baggy jeans. Keep things simple by sticking to shades of blue and black.

2 Grooming

You might deny this but a man is judged instantly on the way he has dressed himself. That is why being well-groomed is very important especially when going to work. Take care of your skin by applying moisturizer and sunscreen before stepping outside.

Your beard and hair should be trimmed and combed. 2018 has brought on a whole new level on hairstyles for the modern man to support. The textured crop is one of the coolest looks and haircuts for guys this year. Wear it short or long, with or without bangs and textured or messy.

Loose Pompadour

Another men’s hairstyle that is huge this year is the taper haircut. This scissor cut style is a classic look that can be worn short or medium length. Longer styles are also popular this year, for every hair type from straight to curly, like the Loose Pompadour, Textured Quiff Haircut, Side Part Combover or the Slicked Back style. These looks are bold, creative and will make people look twice.

Side Part Combover

Body odour is a big thing. No one wants to be standing or sitting next to someone who smells bad. Apply a cologne or a good body spray and don’t forget to have a bath after coming back from the gym or any physical activity.


3 Exercise

Take some time out from your schedule and get into shape. You don’t necessarily have to join a gym or start a vigorous workout. Taking a walk twice a day or even an early morning run will help you burn some calories and clear your mind. Zumba is an upcoming trend as a substitute for those who prefer a more fun approach for workouts. Zumba allows you to sweat it out through dance moves. You can also try Yoga if you are looking for a less exertive physical activity.


4 Tailored Clothing

Finding the perfect fit is very important as the garment will follow the contour of your body perfectly. Tailored clothing gaining prominence as everyone is looking to customise their clothes to their likes and designs.

There is nothing wrong with readymade wear when you are looking for immediate options. However, there is a luxurious feel to getting yourself a suit stitched just for you. Be it the perfect fit or the fact that a tailored suit will always highlight your personal style and physique. We know that finding a good tailor that understands your needs and preferences and the current trends may take some time, so skip the wait and experience our Tailor Fit services here: http://bit.ly/Siyarams_Store

Pro Tip: Did you know that tailor-fitted clothes last longer than readymade wear as you can choose the quality of the material!

5 Accessories

While women have a variety to choose from, men have very few accessories that they can use. Accessorise your outfit with these essential add-ons.

A Watch does more than just tell time, it has the ability to add a little sophistication and class to your look. Opt for a leather strap watch as it is bound to match most of your outfits.

When buying Belts, remember, the bigger the belt buckle the less formal it is. Dress belts typically have very small, flat belt buckles. Almost all dress belts will have either a gold-colored or silver-colored finish.

One rule that should stay with you in dress or casual wear: brown leather shoes go with a brown leather belt, and black with black. When pairing other accessories make sure that all the elements are from the same colour family.

Coming to Ties, the more you have the merrier as you can always wear the same suit but pair it with a different tie. When buying ties, make sure the fabric is soft: silk is the fabric of choice when it comes to men’s neckties as they are resistant to wrinkles and does not attract dirt because of its smooth finish. Make sure your tie is of proportionate length which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but most ‘regular’ ties are around 57″-58″, while “extra-long” or “tall” sizes are closer to 62″-64″.

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