An ultimate guide to different types of Collars

Contrary to popular belief, not all shirt collars are the same. Men’s shirts come in a multitude of collars and they lend character to the different looks these can create. To help you make the right decision, here is an ultimate guide to various collar types to suit different occasions.

Spread collar

The Spread collar is the basic collar seen on most shirts. With its crisp pointed ends and the wide spread between the collar points, the spread collar gives a nice formal look. Since the collar tips are spaced wide apart, this collar gives you the freedom to wear any type of tie or  even a bow-tie for that matter.

Pro Tip: If you have a narrow face, sport the spread collar as it can visually widen the wearer’s face.

Straight Point collar

The straight point collar is similar to the spread collar except that the spread between the collar is smaller. This is a more classic type of collar that looks great with a classic suit and makes the wearer look more elegant and polished. If you prefer slimmer neckties with a smaller knot, then this is the perfect collar type for you.

Pro Tip: The point collar looks great on a man with a round face; the collar’s elongating effect will help to even out the look.

Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar has buttons on the end of the points to fasten the tips to the shirt. The convenience is that the collar points always remain at the right place and in the right shape, regardless of your activity. While this collar can be worn with a tie, it is not a formal collar type. Hence, this is perfect for people who prefer minimalist outfits on non-formal days.

Pro Tip: The buttons on the collar always need to be fastened; to appear with undone collar buttons would be a faux pas.

Wingtip Collar

The wingtip collar is the most formal type of collar, usually worn for black tie events. It gets its name from the folded out collar points that look like tips of a pair of wings. This collar is designed specifically to be worn with a Tuxedo along with a bowtie.

Pro Tip: This collar type best flatters a narrow face.

Mandarin Collar

The Mandarin collar or standing collar is a short unfolded stand-up style collar. Popular versions of the Mandarin collar include the Nehru collar and the band collar. In recent times, the band type of collar is the most popular. The uniqueness of the band collar is that it does not have collar leaves. It’s just the thing for those who want the ultimate casual look.

Pro Tip: You can substitute your traditional outfits with mandarin collar shirts.


We hope this short guide to collars could be helpful to you. Tell us your favorite type of collar in the comments section!


Infusing Colours in your Summer Formal Wardrobe

One of the best things about summer is the presence of vibrant colours in one’s wardrobe. However, most men tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to colours. It’s no secret how relatively easy it is to pull off neutrals in formal wear, but let’s face it, when it comes to our wardrobe choices, we are limited. After all, how long can we be repeating the same shades of white, grey and black in our formal wear? For even though these are classics that can never go out of style, they can get repetitive.

Of course, it’s not easy – brighter hues can get overwhelming – but introducing a tinge of colour into your wardrobe can bring in a refreshing change. Experimenting and adding colours to your wardrobe is a sureshot way to look trendy and stylish. So it’s time to update your formal wardrobe with colours and express a trendier version of yourself!

Read on to find out which colours you can bring into your wardrobe.


The colour blue is perfect for summers. The lighter hues in the shade translate a feeling of peace and calm that seem relaxing in the scorching heat while the darker hues communicate a feeling of trust and confidence. This colour is a winner for every occasion in your office. Pair it with beige, black or grey trousers and top it off with sleek formal shoes.


Though most of you may not be comfortable with sporting this colour, yellow should have a permanent place in your wardrobe. It can completely liven up your simple office look. Yellow is uplifting and exudes cheerfulness and fun. It inspires creative thoughts and optimism, something that can really boost you up at work. If you are not totally confident with pulling this colour off, play safe by going for a lighter shade like warm yellow. It is, however, a statement colour and needs to be anchored with neutrals. Keeping this in mind, always pair it with surrounding pieces in white, blue, grey, beige or charcoal.


First of all, let’s get over the fact that pink is a colour meant only for the fairer sex. Pink is vivid and radiates the warmth, joy and love for life like you do. It will raise some eyebrows, but you have to be comfortable in flaunting this colour. Pink can be your go-to colour when you are bored of wearing normal black and whites.  

Pink pairs well with the plenty of colours you already have in your wardrobe like beige, blue, brown, olive and white.


Red is a powerful colour associated with feelings of energy and passion. It projects confidence in a way few other colours can. Red comes across as being very flamboyant and is perfect to create a strong first impression. If you are not a big fan of this colour, you can try a varied range from bright red to profound maroon. It’s easy to pair it with any trouser you own be it black, cream, navy blue or khaki.

With brighter skies on the horizon, now is the time to bring in the trend of colours and stand out in the crowd. It is worth considering some of the hues you thought you couldn’t wear. So unleash that inner child within you.