4 reasons why linen is the perfect summer fabric
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4 Reasons Why Linen is The Perfect Summer Fabric

Wool maybe the king of suit fabrics for an all-round choice, but as the weather starts getting warmer, you don’t want to be covered in a heavy fabric that will make you feel like you are seated in a sauna.
Everyone should have at least one summer suit in their wardrobe, for that summer or destination wedding. With just a few choices of fabrics to consider, something that will always stay on top of the list is a linen fabric. Let’s take a look at why linen is the perfect summer fabric for you.

1. Keeps you cool

Linen is highly breathable. With a lower thread count, linen allows excellent amount of airflow, ensuring you stay cool even in the highest, most humid weather conditions. Also linen, being one of the lightest fabrics, is an ideal choice for the summer as it won’t stick to your body and won’t feel heavy, even when it is really hot. Linen has the ability to wick moisture away quickly too, keeping you dry in the summer heat. Even when damp, linen dries soon thanks to its loose weave.

linen suit

2. Strong and durable

Although linen may seem a delicate fabric because of its lightweight and loose weave construction, linen is indeed a very strong fabric that can endure a lot of harsh conditions. Made from flax fibers, linen is soft to the touch but yet firm and stiff, making it the perfect fabric for any shirt, ethnic wear and even for a suit. This ensures that not only will the suit keeps you cool but also be durable and can last longer if taken care of.


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3. It’s versatile!

Linen is a fabric that is very easy to work with. It tailors very well, giving you one of the best fits, great for a summer suit. This is important because when you are wearing a suit from a fabric that is casual, you need it to be perfect fitted, something that is relatively easy to achieve with Siyaram’s Tailor Fit service. Linen is also great for a relaxed summer look yet, at the same time based on the choice of print, linen can easily be turned into classy, formal and sophisticated attire. Now looking great is one aspect, but being comfortable without breaking a sweat (literally) is one of the winning features of linen!


Siyarams linen

4. Choice of colours and Prints!

Contrary to popular belief, linen is not boring and dull. Linen in fact can be fun, colourful and classy all at once. If you have checked out our new campaign – the New Face Of Linen- you’ll know that you can get a wide variety of hues and prints at Siyaram’s. Be it stripes, checks, ethnic prints or solids, we have it all covered. You would not believe that you can have all this from the humble Linen fabric!

Siyarams linen shirt

Linen is probably one of the best things that has happened to the industry, taking into consideration summer and men’s fashion. You can achieve this easily with The New Face Of Linen, by Siyaram’s. It’s stylish, colourful and is sure to make heads turn. Also, do not forget to note the amazement when people around you realise that indeed, the ensemble you wear is linen. This summer, don’t only look cool, but stay cool with The New Face Of Linen.



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