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Choosing the right suits and fabrics for Autumn

With the wedding season all set to start, your suit will symbolise sophistication and will give you the perfect chance to showcase your personal style. Choosing the right suits and fabrics for Autumn a suit is no easy task, but as soon as you arrive at the decision, great, but how often do we opt for materials based on the climatic conditions of where we live of buying a new suit, the choice of the fabric should be crystal clear. Now, all-season suits arrive or, the weather in which we could be wearing them?

Cotton is inexpensive and more accessible than wool which makes cotton suits the ideal choice for many. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton is breathable, and hence provides the utmost comfort. Cotton is considered as an all-weather fabric, making the suit a perfect ensemble for all seasons. For the ultimate silhouette, look no further. The fabric falls perfectly on the body, making it look crisp and dapper.

cotton suit

Wool is one of the most practical fabrics when it comes to the choice of a suit for the Autumn-Winter season. It breathes well, is light, soft, water-resistant and the best feature of it all, it doesn’t wrinkle. Wool doesn’t only feel good but looks great too. Wool suits are ideal for extremely low temperatures, keeping you warm and stylish. A three-piece woolen suit is a great transitional piece to own and you can go from desk-to-dinner with ease. As we all know, a higher thread count means a higher quality fabric and better comfort. Opt for the super fines, generally depicted by an ‘s’. The best quality of superfines are between 180s – 250s. These fabrics are the best when it comes to quality, so don’t compromise!

wool suits for men

Cashmere defines luxury! It is considered as the most luxurious fabric of all time. The fabric is finer and softer than regular wool. For a nice and luxurious look, choose a cashmere suit with a little shine for an elegant formal setting. Cashmere makes for a great Autumn-Winter suit. Even being extremely soft, it is the most durable as compared to other fabrics. Reserve your cashmere suit for special occasions. Choose a rich deep colour which will complement the exclusivity of the luxurious fabric.

cashmere suit for men

While choosing a suit, colour is an important element to keep in mind. Dark colours such as emerald green, navy blue, grey and cranberry are Autumn-Winter appropriate. Colours such as grey, cobalt blue and deep berry are perfect for business suits. These colours define strength and power. For a night time look, colours such as navy blue, cranberry and black are perfect. Experiment with patterns as well. Checks and pinstriped suits add character to the look.

navy blue suit and pinstripe suit

mens suits

This should work as the perfect suiting guide this season. We can’t stress enough on how an off-the-rack suit should be avoided for the fit and finish, so be sure to have your suits custom made to your own liking and fit.

Visit a Siyaram’s store to experience and pick these premium fabrics that are guaranteed to give you functionality, durability, and comfort. While at the store, check out our Tailor Fit services and for the best fit and finish to make you look sharp.


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