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Collars and Cuffs guide for men

Cuffs and collars are always exciting, even more so for men. There is just a thin difference in looking good and looking great and a choice of these accessories bridges that gap. One may think that these are small details but the choice a man makes, regarding collars and cuffs, determines his entire look (and as we know, the devil is in the details).


For formal events, such as a meeting with your boss or an interview, it is absolutely essential that your wear a formal shirt. Dress shirts and ties are an excellent choice in these situations. That being said, an office look for an interview is incomplete if your shirt is half-sleeved. This should be kept in mind for meetings and team lunches as well.

Collars – Choose a collar depending upon the knot you would be using on your tie.

  • The Spread Collar
    The Spread Collar is a widely-adopted collar for a professional look. However, it is an absolute rule that you must pair this collar with a tie. Since the collar is spread out, it tends to grab the eye, and if you haven’t worn a tie, it will look empty. It gives a highly polished look when paired with the Full-Windsor or the Half-Windsor Knot.Siyaram s Blog topic Collars and Cuffs guide for men Google Docs
  • The Button-Down Collar
    The Button-Down Collar is a sought-after American style. It is contemporary, yet traditional, a welcome amalgamation.  It suits both, an office look and a semi-casual look for when you want to look sharp for a non-professional setting. The best part about this collar is that it can be worn without a tie, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing one. Pair it with a simple knot, such as the Nicky Knot or the uncomplicated Windsor Knot, so that you don’t overdo your collar.blog_sizes_05
  • The Forward Point Collar
    If your look involves a jacket or a sports coat, the Forward Point Collar is the best collar to pair it with. It is simple and elegant, which is why this collar is widely adopted. For a sophisticated look, pair it with the Plattsburgh Knot or the Eldredge Knot as both of them represent a powerhouse of urbanity.blog_sizes_06


Cuffs – Always button-up or use Cufflinks.

  • French Cuffs
    The French Cuff is a fancy affair. Simply buttoning it up is not enough. Go for cuff knots to complement the French Cuff, and it will give that polished air of royalty. This is an extremely formal cuff, and must be worn on occasions that require a suited look.



  • Barrel Cuffs
    The Barrel Cuff is a low-key, or a muted option. It doesn’t take attention away from the rest of the outfit, making it perfect for interviews. This subdued cuff can be worn on its own, but it’s always a good idea to button up with simple, white buttons. blog_sizes_09

A parting tip, when dressing for a classy affair, opt for Cuff Knots that are a delightful alternative to cufflinks. They work well for daytime events and casual work wear, and are perfect for an informal dinner. They are fun, playful, and add a pop of colour, but they still exude a certain machismo. Cuff knots are an appropriate option to pair with less formal shirts, such as the Gingham.


One may think that small accessories such as collars and cuffs don’t matter, or it may be a completely baffling topic to some, but if you follow some simple rules regarding them, it is easy to include them in your regular ensembles. Collars and cuffs seem less daunting now, don’t they? Don’t be afraid to embrace these styles and make it your own.



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