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Dressing Tips for Diwali – Siyaram’s

Diwali is just around the corner, and so are all the headaches that come with shopping for the festival and all the parties that go with it. What to wear to all the different days to Diwali, without repeating your outfits, is a difficult choice. What one must keep in mind is that the wedding season usually follows the festival of Diwali, and though you shouldn’t repeat outfits during Diwali festivities, after a month, they can be repeated in the wedding season. Hence, shopping for a few different outfits and apparels at the same time will enable you achieve this. To know what kind of different outfits you should own, read on.

  • Kurta-Pajamas
    More of a relaxed outfit, it is perfect for a Diwali party with friends. It is also easier to lounge around in, during the day so you’re never caught off-guard, when you have relatives or friends come over all of a sudden. You can even style an old pair of denims with a formal- looking kurta, it is a great fusion look. Do try the long kurta, that reaches down to your knees, if you’re pairing it with denims. Also, make sure your denims are neither ripped nor low-waist.


  • Waistcoats
    Waistcoats are all the rage these days! From our globe-trotting PM to fashionistas on the runway, everyone is donning this stylish apparel. Waistcoats are great to add a bit of class to a plain look. They look formal enough to wear to your office Diwali party, and cool enough to wear it to the after-party too. A waistcoat is great in case you want to amp up your kurta-pajama look. Just by putting it on, you can easily transform it from a daytime look to a night-time trend! Try to get a waistcoat in neutral colours like brown or indigo, so that it can be paired with different outfits.


  • Jodhpuri suits
    Also known as a Bandhgala, Jodhpuri suits equate to royalty. Originating in Rajasthan, a Jodhpuri is the first choice of many a young prince. Even though you may not be related to a royal family, donning a Jodhpuri will make you look like one. This would be a great option for formal Diwali celebrations, and for attending a Diwali party. It will create a contemporary look for you, and will make many heads turn. Many fashion icons such as celebrities are donning a Jodhpuri/Bandhgala at award functions and parties.


  • Sherwani
    No one can ever go wrong with a Sherwani. A Sherwani is a grand affair, a celebration in itself. If you’re hosting a Diwali party at your place, it’s best to dress up well in one since you are the king of your kingdom; you want to appear kingly. Sherwanis in colours such as gold are a great option for when you want to make a lasting impression. A Sherwani will impress many people, be it your mother-in-law or your boss. It is the most appropriate look if you’ve been invited to your boss’ house for a Diwali party or Diwali dinner. Wearing a Sherwani to such an event will open many doors for you, and will ensure your boss always invites you again.

So there it is. This guide is all you need to look your stunning best for Diwali and make waves wherever you go. Remember to stay safe and alert around fireworks. Happy Diwali!


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