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Dressing up for your profession – Uniforms | Siyaram

There are various definitions of a Uniform, but eventually they all converge into one: an authorised identifying set of clothes for the members of an organisation, such as soldiers, airforce or doctors. If your area of work requires you to wear a uniform, have you ever asked yourself why you need to wear a uniform? Uniforms have many qualities. Instilling discipline, promoting equality and a sense of belonging; these are the traits of a work uniform.

Work uniforms are important for various professionals as it establishes a code to follow and commands respect. It instills pride and a sense of unity within the working community.


Smartly designed uniforms also drill a sense of fashion into the wearer. It improves the concentration of the employee by reducing distractions. However, it’s not just the wearer that benefits from the uniform, it’s the organisation that he or she is a part of that also benefits. It makes the employees of that company respected in the community, thus boosting morale which further increases productivity. It creates an identity for the organisation too, which makes it a fraternity that the employee is proud to be a part of. This can be seen among  pilots of armed forces. Even pilots of commercial jetliners instantly earn respect due to their uniforms.


Another very important advantage of a uniform is that it decreases the competition, most of the time, eliminating it completely. Since there is no need for people to buy expensive clothing for work, the competition to look better than one another is eliminated along with the financial pressure it puts on people. There is no way anyone will make fun of others about their personal clothing choices. It increases camaraderie amongst employees thus that leads to cohesive teamwork. Teamwork in the army and navy is extremely important as lives depend on it. Even the police force needs to be extremely co-ordinated with various teams.


On a personal level, uniforms just make it a whole lot easier to dress up. A structured dress code makes dressing up in the morning increasingly easy. No wastage of time occurs in deciding what to wear as it is already decided. This ensures that professionals come to work efficiently and neatly dressed.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef or a surgeon, uniformed men and women will always be respected when they follow their uniform to the tee.

Uniform specialists such as Siyaram’s Unicode help create uniforms that let the wearer look good and feel good. Tell us about your professional uniform in the comment section below, we would love to know!


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