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Formal wear tips to look dapper this Autumn

The monsoon is over, and soon Autumn will be upon us. Autumn is that time of the year, when the leaves start turning and various shades of orange descend upon us. To pay homage to the season and the colour change, your appearance must change too, to include the evolution of nature. One way to ensure this is to update your formal wear, your wardrobe and everything that goes along with it, such as shoes and accessories.

When we talk about Autumn, it’s imperative to talk about Autumn colours. Wearing bright summery shades during this season is a complete fashion faux-pax. Save those bright reds and light blues for summer and pick formal shirts in shades like warm greys and dark browns. Slim-fit shirts in shades of orange are a very hot trend right now, so bank on those and pair them with beige formal trousers with a pair of well-polished shoes such as oxfords.

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A colour to avoid is black. Black will stand out like a sore thumb in a backdrop of beautiful Autumn colours. Along with black, white is to be avoided as well. It’ll make you look older than you are. Save these colours for a different season. Pastel shades will make you come across as pale or vampiric in such weather.

Light jackets are a welcome addition to Autumn attire. Since it’s not extremely cold yet, keep the parkas away for now and select cardigans in muted shades. A well-knit cardigan in a shade of olive green is an absolute must-have. A slightly dark shade of red would also be acceptable. A great way to add a pop of colour in your outfit, without seeming too girly, is the addition of scarves. Choose solid colours like black, blue or a deep maroon to add some depth to your look. It’ll be a welcome addition to the look and will keep you warm in case the evenings are colder than anticipated.

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If you’re not the kind to wear cardigans, try picking a heavier fabric or cloth to keep you warm. However, ensure they aren’t plain. Pick artistic printed fabrics or ones with good designs on them. These would keep your ensemble vivid and a notch above average. Another good option is a bomber jacket. Apart from the cool Top-Gun factor, they do extensively well in keeping you warm. Warmer climates don’t necessitate bomber jackets or cardigans, so if you find yourself in one, opt for plaid or flannels for shirts (especially if you are thinking of getting them tailored).

Finally, coming to trousers: beige, tan and dark browns are the perfect colours to match with Autumn-coloured shirts. They will perfectly complement your shirts and will create a look that will stand out with or without a bomber jacket, scarf or a cardigan. Complete this look with brogues of the same shade or oxfords to impress.

autumn wear for men

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So there it is, a few tips to keep in mind while dressing yourself this Autumn. What variations of shades work for you? Let us know in the comment section below!



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