gentlemans guide to pant and trouser styles
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Gentleman’s guide to pant and trouser styles

Every gentleman needs an array of options to choose from when selecting trousers. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to pant and trouser styles that are necessary to be a part of your wardrobe. Below are a few that you ought to have.

Cotton trousers
Trousers or formal trousers have different cuts and are shaped differently down the legs, usually with a flat front or with pleats from the waist down. This is a great option for those who are slimmer around the waist as it accentuates slimmer figures. This however, on larger men, will bring unnecessary attention and emphasise your belly. Larger men can opt for pleated pants that provide more room and are more comfortable while sitting or when having your hands in your pocket.

cotton trousers

Chinos are the go-to alternative to jeans! Made usually of a lightweight cotton material or a cotton blend, chinos are perfect for the summer when denims get too hot to stay comfortable in. Chinos are the warm-weather alternative and are versatile too. A pair of well tapered chinos, paired with a t-shirt can also be worn under a jacket with a shirt for a smarter look. Being a more dressy option to khaki pants, chinos can be worn comfortably as work attire too. Having navy blue, black and cream-coloured chinos are absolutely essential.

chinos for men   chino pants

Khaki Pants
Khaki pants are generally of heavier woven cotton and a more casual alternative. Khaki pants stand out since the stitching is generally visible as compared to chinos. They are super comfortable and being made of heavyweight cotton, it is more rugged and durable than chinos. A pair of khaki pants is a dependable long-term fashion option as it rarely goes out of fashion. Wear them on a trek, while hanging out with friends or to run errands on the weekends.

khaki pants   khaki trousers

Linen Pants
Linen is one of the most lightweight materials out there and truly, one of the most comfortable to be in, be it a loose pant worn casually or a more formal and well fitted one. Linen pants in their earthy colours make an ideal choice for the summers, keeping you airy and dry.
Linen pants usually have minimal pockets so as to retain their fit and shape. They are also the go-to option for the beach or for vacations.
These pants are perfect daily wear for the summers, whatever the task at hand may be. Choose from light colours like cream, whites and greys to go along with your attire. A neutral black and blue will also serve well for most outings that you have to wear them for.

linen pants

linen trousers

These are the few pants and trousers every man must have in their wardrobe, besides your denims, to make you look smart, trendy and keeping up-to-date with fashion.


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