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Gentlemen’s guide to Formal wear for this summer | Siyaram Blog

At present, it is hot and the upsetting part is that it is only going to get hotter from here. Living in India, most people are used to hot weather all year through. But when the scourging days of May arrive, surviving gets a whole lot tougher, especially when people have to travel to office in formal clothing.

We know for a fact that it isn’t easy to face the heat in those shirts and trousers, worse even guys who have to wear jackets to work. So now, how does a gentleman manage to dress for work during this hot summer? Don’t worry, as we’ll be presenting a few dressing tips to remain cool during summer, while staying presentable in formal clothing.

More is better than less.
Breathable and loose-fitting clothing keep you cooler than tight-fitted clothes. Loose cotton or linen outfits facilitate more air circulation, making it easier to go through the day. Also, we suggest you wear an undershirt (white vest) beneath your regular shirt. This will ensure the sweat does not reach your shirt and avoid those wet, sweaty patches on the shirt.

Royale Linen

Royale Linen fabrics

Pick your fabrics wisely
Now, you must choose your fabric well. Certainly you won’t be sporting a woolen suit when the sun shines at its strongest. The fabrics you should look out for are cotton, linen and rayon. Opting for a 100% cotton shirt on a hot summer day would be a wise option. Linen too is an all-season fabric – perfect for the year-long summer days in India. As mentioned in an earlier post on linen fabrics, it is highly durable, breathable and dries quickly.

Royale Linen Siyaram

Royale Linen Siyaram

For those whose profession requires them to wear suits and blazers, going for a linen suit would be the best option. Be it any formal occasion, a business meeting or a dinner at a restaurant, a linen suit would be just fine.

Siyaram shirtings

Textured fabric

Textured fabrics
Bored of neutral formal shirts?  Summer is the time to get prints and textures in action. Let it be Gingham, checkered or Madras shirts, they all are just apt for the summer. Madras shirts, which get their name from the erstwhile name for Chennai, are made of a lightweight cotton fabric that features plaid designs – colourful stripes and checks. They completely display the essence of summer!

A game of colours

Formal shirts - Siyaram

Formal shirts

Colours are as important as the fabric itself. When summers arrive, add some cool coloured shirts to your wardrobe. As science has taught us, dark materials absorb heat while light materials reflect it. The same applies to clothing. Even if you’re wearing a 100% cotton shirt, you’re simply inviting more and more heat with a dark coloured shirt. Go for light coloured clothes; white (a crowd favourite), cream, blue, whatever matches your taste. One additional tip is to avoid light blue shirts. Why? Because when the temperature is high, nothing displays sweat more than the beloved light-blue shirt.

Suit - Siyaram

Suits – Siyaram

It’s all about the fit
What about the fit of the shirt/suit?  Does it matter? Sure it does. Say a big no to body hugging shirts. As mentioned above, loose clothing allows more air to flow. That doesn’t mean you indulge in over-sized clothing, all we are saying is that one should know his fit. When donning a suit, miss the inner vest of your three-piece suit. Or for a change, miss the jacket and sport the vest instead.

With the trousers, let the same rule be applied. Wear breathable, not-so tight trousers. Your game should be to look presentable, but stay comfortable.

With this, we end this post on ‘Gentleman’s guide for formal wear during summer’. Hope these points will help you breeze through the summer of 2015 in style. Do let us know about your views on our article in the comments section below.


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