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How to sport one suit in five different styles

Looking stylish and up-to-date is a universal want. However, that doesn’t always mean we have to purchase new clothes. It isn’t always practical to go out and buy clothes before every event or an important day. We often forget about the clothes we have in our wardrobe that can be experimented with to attain a sophisticated look.

Everyone has at least one suit, but very rarely do they wear it. How often have you thought of using that one suit for different looks? For most people, suits are worn once or twice a year when a special event comes along, but a suit can be styled more ways than one! Here’s how one suit can be utilised effectively to get five different looks, pairing it with clothes you will easily find in your wardrobe.

1. The Full Suit

A full suit is something that can never go out of fashion. This is something that goes unsaid – tailor the suit to your exact measurements, lest you have an ill-fitting suit that does nothing for you. Wear a well-tailored suit to a corporate or a formal event. Make sure you wear a well contrasting shirt and tie with it to stand out from the crowd. Complete this look with a well-polished set of Oxfords to look dapper!the full suit

2. Jacket paired with jeans

Smart casuals are always in, but why get lost in the crowd? Wear your jacket with a checkered shirt and a pair of jeans in a contrasting shade and look uber smart and casual. We recommend a slim-fit pair of jeans, in line with the current trend.

jacket paired with jeans

3. A round neck Henley with sneakers

Heading out to the club or for a date? You’d have never thought you could look this good in your comfort clothing when you pair your Henley with a contrasting trouser along with your jacket. But hey, looking like you know how to dress and owning the look is all that matters, isn’t it?

round neck henley with sneakers

4. Paired with oxfords and no tie

Getting ready for that party where you don’t want to look too formal yet, not too over-dressed? Pair your suit with oxfords and go without a tie! However, it is imperative that you make sure the shirt is well-ironed and the collar stands stiff and not flop over on the sides. A pair of black oxfords would complete this ensemble perfectly.suit with oxfords

5. Suit jacket paired with chinos and a shirt

Make a statement with a casual, yet formal, look to that next corporate event you’re attending. Pair a contrasting pair of chinos with the jacket along with a tie and shirt and your favorite loafers. You’re all set to have people noticing you.jacket with chinos

suit with chinos

Well, now that you have a definitive guide on how to pair your suit with other clothing, stand out from the crowd and look your best. We’d love to see how you’ve incorporated your existing wardrobe to look your stylish best. Do share your opinions and let us know what do you think of these styles.



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