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Italian Heritage in Design

You must have heard the word ‘fashion capital’ tons of times. Do you know what it means?
It’s simple; it’s a city that has a major influence on international fashion trends. A city that is way ahead in fashion and design than the rest. The world over, there are mainly four cities that are considered as the ‘BIG FOUR’ among fashion capitals and Milan, Italy, is one of them.

While, Italy as a whole is considered to have one of the biggest fashion industry, Milan is seen as the fashion capital as many well-known designers are based there. Italians have had one of the best fashion visionaries watching over their fashion. One can say it all began when Count Giorgini staged a fashion show for the international audience in his own home in the year 1951Italian Suit(Image courtesy:

The 60s brought in a fashion revolution, social status and roles changed in the years of protest and industrial boom. Men and women shared the magic of fashion through dressing. New styles in garments were introduced in the markets. The triumph of “Prêt-à-porter” (Ready-to-wear) in the 70s and 80s made an international acclaim for ‘Made in Italy’ garments.

One thing that Italians are very much credited for are suits. It’s either the American, British or the Italian suits that are widely known. The Italians neglected the traditional norms of suit stitching and made jackets that were full-chested and V shaped with no vents and high padded shoulders.
Well Fitted Suits for your StyleItalian suits are considered to represent some of the best quality work in men’s suiting. These suits were known for their slender image; slim-cut design and trendiness. Initially, these suit jackets did not have any vents, but nowadays two vents in a suit are quite common in Italy. The suits are lightweight as Italians prefer light cloth with less overall padding; thus, allowing a little more flexibility in a suit. Short tails, tight-fitting, high-positioned buttons and pockets without flaps are some key elements in the suit. Pants are created snug, fitting the body.

Cadini Bags to Flaunt

Italian suits today come with a long heritage of prominent creators, and the term, Made in Italy on a suit is seen as a guarantee for fine fashion and supreme quality.

The Indian audience now has easy access to stylish Italian design with Cadini, an Italian men’s brand founded in 1970, that is now available in India via Siyaram’s.

Built for the modern age man, the italian culture is reflected in Cadini’s suits; the perfect cut of every garment with the selection of the ideal fabric and accessories. Its products are designed with observance to the best of Italian style and excellence. Find the perfect combination of the unique expertise of Italian fabric and heritage for your next suit with Cadini.

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