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Men’s Casual Styles for the weekend | Siyaram Blog

Isn’t the sound of the word ‘weekend’, always pleasant to the ears? Whether it is someone in college or a working person, the weekend is something everyone longs for. So, one has to look his best on such occasions, doesn’t he?

You can choose to go with casual or formal dressing depending on the occasion (which we have covered in our previous blog). Since we usually talk about formal clothing, we hope to take a different approach with a guide to ‘Men’s Casual Styles for the weekend’.


Starting from the top, shirts are a fine choice for a weekend getaway. Shirts are of great importance as it contributes the most to your complete look. No matter how great your denims are or how classy your shoes, it won’t help if you’re wearing a lousy shirt. That is why in this post we’ll be concentrating on shirts.

Though this post is about casual styles, we would suggest avoiding T-shirts, especially printed ones. In case you’re at a completely casual event, for example; at a beach, then plain t-shirts are acceptable. We’d suggest you be tasteful; no holes or tears and always neatly ironed! The same would apply to shirts.

Make sure you get the right fit for your shirt. You don’t want to look messy and out of place. The shirttail (the part of the shirt that hangs below the waist) is important; ensure your shirttail isn’t too long or too short.

Casual shirt

Type of shirts

There are various types of shirts to consider; there are dress shirts, (which would certainly be a classic choice), oxfords or button down. Plaid and check shirts would be the perfect choice for a casual weekend plan. Even work shirts wouldn’t be a bad option. Lately, work shirts are quite in vogue, giving men a tough & rugged look!

Plain Casual Shirt

Casual Menswear

If you can’t resist wearing something more casual, we suggest a Henley shirt. For those not in the know, it is a casual collarless top with just a short row of buttons at the centre of the neckline. If the fit is right you can pull of a smart look for the weekend with the right pair of trousers and shoes.

V neck Casual T-Shirt

So, depending on the weekend plan you could wear your best dress shirt for an evening at the bar or pick a work shirt for a long drive on a sunny afternoon.

Pants, shoes & everything else

Having dealt with shirts, let’s concentrate on the other things which are quite essential as well. Like the shirt, not having the right pair of pants can also affect your overall appearance. Imagine having a great fitting shirt paired with off-coloured baggy-pleated trousers. Exactly, that wouldn’t quite go well, would it?

Combine your shirts and pants wisely. Colours also play quite a vital role here. If your shirt is brown, a similar coloured pant should be the last thing you should think of. Remember, if you’re wearing a light coloured shirt, pair it with a dark coloured pant. White shirts would go great with a pair of khakis or denims for that matter. If you could pull it off, short pants can be a wise and trendy option too. It could come as a relief from the ever present heat.

Khaki ShortsComing to the interesting part; there’s no denying that men love shoes. They are no longer simply footwear, they’ve become more than that; a fashion statement perhaps. Pairing the right shoes with your attire can complete your look. If you’re wearing work shirts with denims then a pair of desert boots or sneakers would look great. Boat shoes and loafers would be an ideal choice when wearing shorts!

In terms of accessories, wear a classic mechanical watch. While leather and metal straps are formal, the former can be worn for a casual approach too. Sporting a grosgrain or a canvas strap watch is as casual as you can get.

Fashionable Accessory

We hope this article would help you get fashion ready for the coming weekend. If you have any suggestions then feel free to comment in the comment section below. Have a great weekend!


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