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Men’s Fashion Tips for Shirtings

A solid white, black or gray shirt may be the most risk-free choice for a formal shirt, but why should you stick to such a monotonous look when there are so many colors and patterns you can choose from? Remember, the selection of your shirt goes a long way in establishing your style statement. So leave the boring, everyday look behind and experiment with your shirt style till you find something that feels like your calling. Read on to discover a whole new world of formal shirtings.

Shirt Materials
Before jumping to the hues or the patterns, the first thing you must select carefully is the material of your shirt. Linen shirts are the most common ones followed by cotton as both breathe well. We strongly recommend you drop by at your nearest Siyaram’s shop for a wonderful and colourful array of fabulous blended fabrics such as polyester, viscose, linen and cotton linen.

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Getting the perfect colour scheme for your formal attire can be a tedious task keeping in mind the number of things one has to consider – shirt, trousers, tie, socks and shoes being the core,  with a blazer added in as well. The best way to go about this styling exercise is to remember the colour wheel i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

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The wheel is fairly easy to understand – opposite colours are complementary to each other, colours separated by three sections are contrasting, whereas adjacent shades are similar to each other. It is easier to match contrasting colours than complementary ones because wearing them in their native shades can be too much for the eye. Hence, the key is to play around with the shades in order to get the perfect combination.

While selecting the colour of a tie, pair contrasting colours. For example, the colour of your tie should always be darker than your shirt colour.

Patterns and Prints

For formal wear, most men look at solid, striped or checkered shirts. While solids are the most common, stripes are preferred over checks for more formal occasions. The trick to wearing stripes or checkered shirts is to know how to match your tie so that it doesn’t look like the circus is in town. You get this combination right and your style quotient will take care of itself. When choosing a tie for a thin pinstriped shirt, a thicker and bolder tie should be your pick.

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These patterns are especially useful when you don’t have a blazer to accompany your attire. That’s when they will add that bit of substance to your look. Remember to never mix the same patterned tie and shirt; this is a recipe for disaster. And for semi-formal occasions, a cotton checkered shirt even without a tie will ensure a casual, yet smart, look.

Besides these patterns, there is also the option of polka-dotted shirts for those who are ready to take on a slightly bolder look. If matched properly, it will ensure a classy and dapper look for any occasion.

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So, remember to give more care while picking out your shirt as it will not only make you look stylish, but also add an elegance to your final look. This guide to formal shirtings will help you understand the dress code for your upcoming formal and semi-formal gatherings. We hope you like this article. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section.




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