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Men’s Guide to Shirt & Necktie Combinations

It’s the start of a new year, 2016, prompting the start of a new wardrobe for a brand new style. Today, let’s go back to combination basics, like the necktie and shirt. It’s something so elementary, yet, many men get it entirely wrong. A tie is an absolute essential when it comes to formal wear in today’s workplace. Lots of men get confused when it comes to this basic synthesis. Many a fashion faux-pas is based on this simple combination. Here’s a guide on how to not make the same mistakes that can make you the fashion pariah.

  • The Safest Bet for Combining Shirts and Neckties

If you’re ever in a hurry or just plain confused, go for the most basic combination of them all: solid-coloured ties over basic-coloured shirts. For example, a basic white shirt along with a dark blue or maroon tie would be perfect for such days.


The one simple rule to this is: if you’re wearing a dark coloured shirt, go for a light shaded tie and vice-versa. Here’s a colour wheel to pick the best complementary colours.


The way to use this colour guide is to pick two opposite colours. If you were to wear a blue-purple coloured shirt, then yellow-orange – the colour right opposite would be the colour of your tie.




  • Back To Basics

When it comes to buying ties, always make sure you buy good ties. They mustn’t just look good, but the quality should always be superior. It doesn’t have to be an extremely expensive tie, but it does have to be classy. Matte finished and textured ties are making waves in the men’s fashion arena, and they are definitely in for the long haul. Shiny ones, those can stay in 1999.

Talking about shirts, it is essential to own a basic formal shirt in just about every pastel colour on the spectrum. These shirts will make up your basic wardrobe and provide an arsenal of choices when you have to dress in a hurry. However, don’t discount the power of printed or striped shirts. The colour rule for the shirt and necktie (as mentioned above) still applies here. What you need to do is tone down the texture of your tie. As a rule of thumb, when you pick large prints on shirts go for a plain tie; when going for a shirt with tiny prints, go for a tie with large prints. It’s quite simple.

The only other rule here, you should follow for shirts, is to never wear ill-fitting ones. Always make sure you wear shirts that fit you perfectly, or get them tailored to your specifications. Did you know, Siyaram’s offers a personalised Tailor Fit service that will cater to your every sartorial need?



  • Beyond and Above – Well Tailored Shirts with Textured Neckties

Now, you may get a bit bored of plain ties, and that is perfectly fine. Geometric designs and polka dots, along with paisleys and stripes, of various widths, are appropriate as well. Choose these ties to bring in an element of fun while still looking fit for work. These will also do well at formal events. It is your choice and what best represents your personality.

Another way to funk it up, is to tie your necktie in a different manner. There are various ways to tie a tie and you can find various tutorials online as well as apps to help you with it. Our favorite is the Windsor Knot which is a powerhouse of elegance. The Eldredge Knot is another knot that is not only elegant, but commands respect. A bit complicated, but highly impressive, is the Fishtail Knot that’ll definitely compliment your well fitted shirt perfectly.


And there it is – your guide to amalgamating shirts and ties in way that will best represent your personality and look the best at work.




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