mens trends at the oscars 2017
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Men’s Trends at The Oscar’s 2017

There were plenty of clear wins at the 89th Academy Awards, but we’re not here to declare winners. We’re here to discuss the trends that we saw at the Awards. This year has been remarkable with certain fashion trends being unfollowed along with some inspiring design and fashion interpretations.

With trends moving forward, we have seen that many have ditched the traditional black suit, opting for shades of blue right from cobalt to the good old navy blue. One may think of their choice of colour as a mere coincidence, but you would realise its significance in that it is also the shade of the American Civil Liberties Union. Thus, quite a few of the stars decided to show their support by pledging to the ‘Stand with the ACLU’ initiative. If not the entire outfit colour, then surely no one missed the blue ribbon adorned by many on their expensive designer wear as a sign of the pledge.

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Another noticeable aspect was the split between going for a monotonal outfit and one with a splash of colour. The splash of colour was provided by those sporting bold bow-ties and unexpected pocket squares. With the addition of the usual tuxedos in varied colours, we also came across textured suits to add some flair to the red carpet. Justin Timberlake played with subtle textures, killing it with his suit. His tuxedo made him look sharp with its impeccable fitting.

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 With many choosing velvet suits as their preferred choice to this mainstream red carpet event, we got a glimpse of the silky smooth fabric as well on many personalities. Another thing noticed were the flared lapels and yes, they were either dual toned or contrasting! Chris Evans sported a rather bright blue suit that was vibrant, standing out on the red carpet. And we totally agree that black satin lapels on a blue suit look stunning.

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Damien Chazelle chose the best alternative to the classic black by breaking away with a white shirt and a blue suit.
With different tuxedos flowing through the night, how often have we seen a double-breasted tux? Well, Michael Shannon pulled it off right with one of the only double breasted tuxedos seen on the night of the Oscars. With a ruffled shirt and a black tuxedo, Ryan Gosling‘s outfit was also a welcome alternative to the typical menswear that night.

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With people not sticking to tradition and monotones, everyone surely expressed themselves in what they felt comfortable in. But one thing that stayed common was that everyone suited up for the event. That being said, yet every suit was unique. This Oscars proved to be the perfect example of display of the various designs and styles one can get off a humble suit. So, what’s your favourite type of suit?


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