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Accessories a man must possess in his wardrobe

Your clothes might be elite, classy or smart, but without those extra add-ons – ‘accessories’ – they are just bland. The kind of attention that can be captivated with accessories is so much better than without them. We have heard enough about the plethora of accessories that women possess – bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc; but what about men?

Men have a limited range of accessories, but nevertheless they are essential to have. Here are our picks, what we think that gentlemen can’t do without.


watchIt isn’t just about the time. A great outfit can be easily sabotaged by an inappropriate watch, and without it, the look
becomes plain. Time to bring on the bling! We suggest you to invest in a classy, yet neutral timepiece to go with all your outfits.


Belts are as much a part of your wardrobe as any other clothing item. After all, they do all the talking when your shirts are tucked in! A belt needs to blend well with the rest of the outfit while still fitting you perfectly. Black, tan, and brown family are the classiest to choose from. You don’t need many belts, just a few classic ones that are great in quality will last you a long time.

Obvious and essential, not only do sunglasses protect you in the scorching sun but they also add stars to your style. Spoiled for choice, your eyes can be protected in so many different frames, styles, shapes and tints. We personally, love aviators! Pick out a pair that suits your face and hairstyle. You might want different pairs for formal and informal attires.

Cuff Linkscufflinks
They capture attention, and make your appearance stand out. A great add-on to your trouser suits, cufflinks add colour and life to your outfit. They go stylishly with a corporate look and are synonymous with professionalism. A man portrays class and dynamism when he flaunts those little buttons, which are available in a variety of colours, patterns and materials. Designer ones impress the best!

The more, the better.Try to have a range of hues and shades, with offbeat yet elegant patterns. Make your attire more versatile by giving it a distinctive look every time you adorn a different tie. However, ties need to be chosen with caution—avoid cheap ties; look for a proper blend when pairing with shirts. Awful materials are strictly prohibited, and know that silk catches attention the best. It’s an absolute must have.

This one needs some serious thought. It’s not just about the look, though it should be stunning. You need to find the right one for you. What good will a wallet do if it looks amazing, but can’t store all those credit cards and cash? Or if it fulfills the requirements, but is dull? The right blend of colour, style, pattern, size and its utility is what you have to look for.
money clipMoney Clips
These aren’t used that widely, but they are a great something to possess. Like the name suggests, these are fancy clips which help you be organized, by carrying around notes in them rather than loose in your pockets or wallets. Money clips impress the ladies and most successful men already know this secret.
And there you have it. Just with these handfuls of accessories, you can totally revamp your style, add class to youroutfits and dress for success.


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