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Rainy Day Wardrobe: All you need is a splash of colour

Are you still wearing those boring, light and nude shades? It’s time you splashed some colour in your wardrobe as a change of season also calls for a change of clothes. Pastel  green or any light pastel colours are best for this season, as these colourful vibes make your clothes evoke the haute look in the rainy season. There are a lot of styles to choose from which will help retain your style factor, apart from keeping you dry.

The most essential and versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe, casual t-shirts, are a great option for casual wear in the monsoons. Opt for bright colors like blue, yellow, red and orange if you’re going to a casual event, in order to look lively in the gloomy weather.


Don’t shy away from exotic prints and bold colours this monsoon. These are ‘must-haves’ in your closet. To beat the gloomy weather, opt for subtle floral prints or bold checkered shirts with multiple colours. Give a twist to your classic look, by teaming up a navy blue printed shirt with a pair of white chinos. You can also experiment with aztec or geometrical prints, just ensure you pair it with neutral shade bottoms to balance the look.



The rainy season is quite humid and chances of getting wet are very likely. You should always go for organic and natural fabrics like pure cotton and voile since they are breathable and odour-free. These fabrics dry easily and don’t stick to your body. Try avoiding denims and fabrics that bleed.

Footwear and Accessories

To beat the dull monsoon, opt for messenger bags and remember, leather is a strict no-no! You can try adding a pop of colour on your suit with a fancy lapel pin or a pocket square that cheers you up. Slip-On shoes are the most comfortable and ready-to-go footwear when going for casuals. For a formal look, avoid wearing leather during the rains. Instead, loafers can be worn for formal events.


Different Styles

For a perfect weekend look, go for coloured cotton pants teamed with pastel U or V-neck t-shirts. To rock your evening dinners, pair up your chinos and t-shirt with an asymmetrical jacket and loafers. For a formal occasion or event you should go for oxford shirts with tapered trousers and don’t forget to pair it with a modern fit blazer.


For the monsoons, do not over-layer yourself with clothing. Before adding any extra element, make sure it’s perfect for the event.

Now that you have your rainy wardrobe checklist ready, make sure you style up your closet. Don’t forget to share what style you prefer during the monsoons in our comments section below.


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