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Redefine your formal shirt collection with patterns

For every  gentleman’s closet, a true wardrobe staple is the shirt! From the Gingham check shirts of the 1960s, to the plain coloured Oxford shirts in the 1980s, shirts have played their role in pretty much every look that became a popular trend, throughout fashion’s past. The correct shirt selection adds character and individuality to any utilitarian office outfit. Therefore, be careful while choosing your formal shirts to refresh your work attire.

Here’s a guide for you to distinguish between various checkered and striped shirts to revamp your formal collection.

Striped Shirts
To break the monotony of wearing solid coloured shirts, opt for stripe patterned ones for a neat and crisp formal look. For short men, a vertical stripe shirt is the most appropriate, while lean men should opt for horizontal stripes. However, tall men can wear thick vertical striped shirts. Horizontal stripes are hardly worn on formal occasions as they look neater on t-shirts when compared to shirts.

striped shirts

For any formal meeting, avoid choosing bold colours. However, for a bolder look at your workspace or on Fridays, you can choose multi-coloured stripes to add to your personality. A simple rule of thumb to remember is that the stripe should not be wider than an inch as it looks informal.

formal striped shirt

Checkered Shirts
Did you know there are 9 types of check patterns for shirts? Here’s a list of the most common and classic types which you can opt for.

Gingham: One of the most versatile checkered pattern shirts. It is differentiated by white and coloured even-sized checks. It was introduced in the mid-18th Century, with blue and white being the most popular choice of colour. These days, gingham is offered in a variety of colours and this portrays a great contemporary look.

Tartan Plaid: This pattern consists of vertical and horizontal stripes that cross over each other to form uneven checks. These patterned shirts are mainly worn for semi-formal occasions, however, you can opt for the same in neutral shades for your workspace.

checkered shirts

Houndstooth: This pattern is traditionally black and white, but can be found in a variety of colours across a range of garments and accessories. Houndstooth striped shirts should generally be worn with a suit or a well-fitted blazer.

Pin Check: This pattern was created with pin-sized stripes that cross to form tiny checks. This patterned shirt appears to have dots from a distance. Pin checkered shirts gives you a crisp formal look and keeps your look very classic.

Shepherd’s Check: This pattern consists of alternating coloured stripes which cross each other to form a checkered pattern. This pattern is again appropriate for your formal wear. You should be careful in selecting the fabric of your shirt while opting for a Shepherd’s checkered shirt as it is set against a twill weave backdrop.

Windowpane: These shirts consist of thin stripes crossing each other and forming a large checkered pattern that looks similar to a windowpane. You can opt for such shirts for your workplace to keep it simple.

formal striped shirt

So next time if you’re confused in the morning about how to choose your formal shirt, we hope this guide helps you. Don’t forget to comment below with your valuable suggestions. We would love to incorporate them in our next blog!


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