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Seasonal wardrobe essential for Men

In our day to day lives, the deciding factor for what a man wears is usually in keeping with his own taste and liking. That being the dominant factor, a man can’t decide his attire all year long on his liking only. The various seasons of the year also play a vital role in his dressing. A gentleman should dress keeping the season in mind, not only for fashion but for his own comfort as well. Let’s quickly list down a few looks you can pull off in the various seasons of India.

“Winter is Coming” – Go Woolen

Since we are nearing the end of the year, let us start with winter. It’s that time of the year when you can finally take out all the warm clothes that you cannot wear all year round. Heavy fabrics with dark colours are a brilliant option. The fabric for the season should be woolen. Woolen suits would be a classic touch for winter wear. For shirts, oxfords and flannels can prove your money’s worth.
If you are a sweater person; choose a grand cardigan or a turtleneck instead of hoodies.

The Ever Present Summer – Cool down with cotton
Summer is one season that is always present in India. Just like change, summer is constant. It is always advisable to keep your fabric light as well as bright. Avoid dark colours as they attract heat. All your winter favourites sadly need to go back in the closet. Here enter 100% cottons, linen and seersucker fabrics. Here is your chance to flaunt Madras striped shirts. Chambray shirts will also look great during summer. When going formal, opt for a Linen suit to keep you cool at all times. For more on summer dressing, have a look at our previous blog post. Siyaram – Shirting Fabric Options

Not So Soon, Monsoon – Lighten up with linen
Keeping dry is a big task during the rains, specially for office goers. One just cannot walk into office drenched or even with a few wet patches. Be ready and invest in good windcheaters and umbrellas. Wear lighter fabrics that dry easily; cotton and linen are ideal. Linen being prone to wrinkles in general, one won’t make out the difference. Wet and dirty shoes are something you would want to avoid. You sure cannot wear flip flops to work but water repellent shoes should be good enough during the rains. You could carry your office socks and shoes along with you and change out of your wet pair just before entering office.
Fun Fact: Did you know, that the perforations on Brogues were actually invented to drain out water? Now it is just used as design.

Remember, even if you pick the right clothing for the right season, it is you who will make it look great. Get yourself the right cut and wear it with confidence and you’re good to go. We hope you liked this article. Let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments section below.



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