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Shirting fabric – Options to consider this summer | Siyaram Blog

Though the summer is slowly coming to an end, the irony is that it’s still getting hotter day by day. We might get the gift of the first shower in a few days, but we all know that summer is still going to stick around for a bit.

Now as we mentioned in our previous post, the key to summer dressing is light fabrics and cool colours. Summers give us an opportunity to get creative and wear comfortable yet fashionable clothes! So, it is essential to know the most suited fabrics for this hot season to ensure style and comfort at the same time. Let’s get started on the list for fabric options to survive these last days of summer.


When one talks about fabrics for summer, the first thing that comes to your mind is cotton. Amongst the majority, this is the most preferred fabric of the season. What makes cotton fabrics so well suited for the summer you ask? It’s the fibres of the fabric that are highly porous which makes the fabric breathable and light. But do choose the colours wisely. Cotton may be among the best fabrics to go with but a dark coloured cotton shirt would do no good, It will still feel hot and uncomfortable.

Cotton Fabric

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Cotton Shirt

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Speaking of light and airy fabrics, Linen is a safe bet. We personally love linen and have written a whole post about it.

Linen is the quintessential fabric for Indian summers because of its open weaves and natural fibres, and it is one of the oldest-known fabrics we know! Even the heavier linens keep you absolutely cool in the heat and its smooth texture makes it comfortable. Yes, linen sometimes has a wrinkled texture and can remain wrinkled even after being ironed but creases look good on a man. If that still bothers you, it is best to find a darker hue such as navy or grey as it might camouflage the creases a bit.

Linen Fabrics

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Linen Shirts

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Are you crazy about checkered and striped shirts? if yes, then seersucker fabrics are for you. It is a thin, puckered, all- cotton fabric best for spring and summer clothing. The fabric is basically woven in a way that the threads bunch together giving the fabric a slight wrinkled appearance. The fabric is known to provide air circulation and heat dissipation. This fabric is best worn for a semi-formal look!

Seersucker fabrics

Seersucker fabrics to Suit your style

Seersucker Shirt

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Originating from France, Chambray fabrics are a great pick for the summer. It is a double-ply cotton fabric woven together and is often mistaken for denim. It usually comes in pale blue or grey colours. The fabric is light, soft and smooth and can be a perfect option if you’re going for a casual look on a summer day.

Chambray fabrics

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 Chambray Shirt

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Last on the list but definitely not the least, Rayon is also a fabric fit for summer. It is a semi-synthetic fiber that is made from natural raw materials, primarily from wood pulp. Rayon fabrics, much like cotton are soft, breathable and moisture-absorbent keeping the skin dry.

Now that we have evaluated the fabrics fit for summer, go and revamp your wardrobe! We hope this list will help you go through the remaining days of summer. Do let us know what you think about our list in the comments section below.


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