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Smart attires to suit every occasion | Siyaram Blog

An individual’s life is full of occasions where he is expected to dress in a particular way. The word ‘Dress Code’ is something we most probably associate with the workplace. When thinking about attires that are suitable for occasions like meetings, parties or just a casual outing, what is the defining dress code that comes to mind?
Needless to say there’s no single cool attire that one can pull off across occasions (not even a suit), but maybe we can list a few clothing options that are close to it.

So, without further ado, let us begin with our list of ‘Smart attires to suit every occasion’.

Formal attire - Siyaram

Formal attire  - Siyaram

Formal attire – Siyaram

Formal attire

Thinking about smart outfits to suit any formal occasion, the first thing that comes to your mind is suits and ties. But, this again might change according to the time of the day. A morning event would require a grey or a cream suit paired with a white shirt (always the best option) and maybe a neutral tie. A black or a blue suit seems best call for an evening event, preferably with a bow tie!

Different coloured suits can be worn for different occasion. Black can be worn for formal get-togethers or business meetings. A brown suit would look great for wedding parties or a formal brunch. Blue suits can be an alternative to your black suit; here, you also can opt for a pinstriped one!

Semi-formal attire

Semi-formal attire

Semi-formal attire

Semi-formal attire

Semi-formal attire

Semi-formal events could be a party, a date or maybe a lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Apart from that, your office formals also fit within this section. T-shirts just do not fit in here, while shirts are an important part of this clothing.
Stack your wardrobe with crisp dress shirts, ties, khaki pants and pair it with smart corporate shoes; loafers and boat shoes also work great! A business casual environment may call for a blazer or a sport jacket along with your shirt. Here, miss the tie and go with a classy pocket square!

Casual attire - Siyaram

Casual attire – Siyaram

Smart Casual attire - Siyaram

Smart Casual attire – Siyaram

Smart Casual Attire

An event that calls for ‘smart casuals’ is generally open-ended. There’s always a fear of over dressing or under dressing at the occasion. Thinking about safe options here, you could go with shirts and a pair of denims. Checkered, plaid and polo shirts are the best you can go with. Yes, this permits wearing T-shirts, but keep it to a minimum. Printed T-shirts are a complete no-no, while Henleys would be the best pick.

Similarly, denims should be dark and should fit you well, and unless you’re going for a music festival or a rock concert don’t even think about wearing ripped and torn jeans.

So now that we have deduced the attires that could be worn for every occasion, go ahead and try them out. If we have missed something, or if you disagree with us, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear your opinion!


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