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Style guide to get you ready for the monsoon

The monsoon is here, and it is here to stay, thus, keeping it to a minimum is the mantra. Of course, being stylish is what you should aim for, but being dry should be second on the list, lest you catch a cold. This rainy season, embrace the trend and look your best. Scroll down to know more.

  • Cropped Pants
    No one wants to be caught with water dripping onto their shoes. It’s a very mousey look and will destroy your entire ensemble. Instead, opt for cropped pants. These will elevate your look to a whole other level, and keep you cool and dry. For a cool and casual look, opt for bermuda shorts. These give a very casual look while still being fashionable. Bermuda shorts with funky prints are all the rage right now. Prints like tiny palm trees are extremely 1
  • T-shirts
    The best thing to pair with your shorts and bermudas are cool and colourful t-shirts. If you don’t have them, go out and buy a plain t-shirt in every colour to wear on different occasions that come along, whether it’s a movie-and-coffee date or even a hike. Opt for pastel coloured t-shirts that will brighten up your day, as well as everyone else’s.

    Shirts for formal wear during the monsoons should be half-sleeved. If you do want to wear a full-sleeved shirt, rolling up your sleeves can give you a very contemporary look. Once again, light, pastel shades are the best to pair with the gloomy 4
  • Jackets
    Rain or shine, a man should own a jacket for every season. For the monsoons, a trench-coat that repels water is the perfect pick. It will keep you dry and make you look extremely stylish. The best part about a trench coat is that you could wear it for a formal as well as a casual look.


  • Shoes
    It is time for your suede and leather shoes to be packed up and left in the shoe cabinet. The monsoon calls for water repellent footwear, and this is achieved by loafers that are designed for this purpose. You could also experiment with boots made to combat the heavy monsoons. However, for casual outings, floaters are the way to go. blog 1 (1)
  • Personal Style
    Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance during the monsoons. This is the perfect time to get that much needed haircut, so it will be easy to deal with when the humidity comes a-knocking. Another thing to remember is to make sure your nails are cut and cleaned well and regularly. This will ensure that you don’t spread any germs, since common colds get much more common during this season.

    Being monsoon ready is not that hard, and being stylish is ever-so-easy if you follow the guide above. So there it is! What do you think will help you get monsoon ready? Let us know in the comments section below.

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