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Suit colours for Men – Siyaram

A suit is one of the most important pieces of clothing in men’s fashion. Every man has many reasons and occasions to own a suit. Whether it is for a business meeting or for a friend’s wedding, to nail a big presentation or just boost the class factor, suits are the unparalleled option when you need to look your best.

The colour of your suit plays an integral part in showcasing your style. Choosing an appropriate shade for an event can make all the difference in creating an impact, whether it’s positive or negative. If suits are something you rarely wear, you could pick among black, charcoal, or navy blue. On the other hand, if you wear suits on a regular basis, you could buy one in each colour. You could also add accessories like colourful ties, pocket squares or fancy cuff links to show your personality whenever the event allows.

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Black Suits – The Traditionalist

You can never go wrong with Black when it comes to men’s attire. Black suits are an absolute classic and should be worn for evening functions or black-tie occasions. A black suit can be worn at any time to mark a special occasion, such as an anniversary dinner. If you want to make your black suit a little less formal, add a pop of your favorite colour with a cool tie and pocket square combo.

Charcoal Suits – The Modern Man

A charcoal suit is just a little more casual than a black suit and has taken its place as the must-have for formal office wear. It looks excellent with black, brown or even burgundy shoes, thus making it a supremely versatile piece in men’s attire. You can choose to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. It works well for a formal meeting during the day and for a dressy night out.

Navy Suits – The Sophisticated Man

While Charcoal may be the suit for the modern man, a Navy suit is always in style and makes for a great choice. A navy suit works well with most complexions, shows professionalism and respect for yourself and for your patrons, whether large or small. At the same time, a navy suit also has a relaxed and gentlemanly feel to it, especially when paired with brown shoes.

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Congratulations! You now know more about the suit colours essential in men’s fashion. All you have to do now is pick up some beautiful fabric and find the best tailor in town. Once you find him, be patient till he starts pinning and transforming your suit into a masterpiece.

Get ready to become the alpha amongst your peers for men’s fashion.