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Summer Menswear style | Siyaram blog

Indian summers are quite hot and sticky. While dressing up for summer, being well-groomed is a vital part as the heat can wreak havoc on your look. If you are confused about how to look stylish in the Summer, while staying cool, let us guide you in following a flexible dress code for your summer wardrobe. Here are a few tips to help you look fresh throughout this season.  

Stay Well-Groomed

Before we get to the clothes, let’s start with the basics – you! It is important to be well-groomed during the season, this means that you need to keep your hair short, your beard trimmed and invest in a good, cool fragrance. It also goes without saying that you need to be clean – don’t let stains and odours persist for too long.

Opt for printed tees

There is a fine line between funky prints and loud prints. To be on the safe side, try to pick prints with subtle designs. For patterned tees, the popular trends are stripes, plaid, tropical or polka dots. Avoid any over-the-top combinations and stay classy by pairing these tees with casual jeans as it could be a major fashion faux pas. Keep it simple and cool by pairing it with solid-coloured shorts or chinos. You can also wear them with a linen blazer for a semi-formal look to amp up your style quotient.

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Play with bright colours

We suggest lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton which will help you breathe well in this weather. You should ditch dark and earthy-coloured shirts for vibrant colours such as yellow, orange or pink. A classic white shirt never runs out of fashion;  that’s why it’s a must-have in your summer wardrobe. You can a pair the same with denims for a semi-formal look, with tan or brown chinos for a business meeting and even with smart trousers for an early dinner. For your daily routine, try sticking to well-fitted cotton shirts, exclusively from our latest Royale Linen’s collection to elevate your formal look. For casual wear, we recommend you to opt for half-sleeved shirts.

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Upgrade your Chinos

Yes, it’s the season where you want to relax with your style. With the constant increase in temperatures, a pair of cotton chinos will feel light and ultra-comfortable. We advise that you tailor your chinos for the perfect length – that will add an instant edge. For a semi-formal look, go for beige or navy coloured chinos. As we’ve said multiple times, experimenting with colours and coloured chinos in your wardrobe will add a lot to your style statement.

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Summer Suits

While shopping for suits, choose the suit fabric wisely! The most commonly worn are linen and cotton ones.  We agree a classic cotton suit is a summer staple in India, however in a linen suit, you will appear sauve. You should opt for a linen-cotton blend suit avoiding it to wrinkle easily which will in turn give a fresh look.  To shine, always wear a well-tailored suit, therefore, drop by at your nearest Siyaram’s shop to get your perfect suit stitched. Besides the fabrics, it’s also the perfect time to adopt suit colours such as a light pink and baby-blue – one of the most versatile colours to choose.

If you aren’t afraid of the all-white look, opt for a signature white suit as it gives a crisp and charismatic look; otherwise pick a light grey. Elevate the look with a dark coloured or printed pocket square to the suit.

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Cool Accessories

It is always recommended to accessorize!
Reform your look with a straw fedora for casual outings.  Secondly, pick classy shades that suit your face. For your formal look, add a floral-print tie – it can add a hint of fun to your look, especially if you sport a windsor or eldredge knot.   

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Go-to summer shoes

As it has always been said, one can tell a lot by looking at your shoes. For casual wear, you can go sockless, however, we recommend you wear liner socks. For a semi-formal look, funk up your socks and get daring this summer. Even with shoe colours, add a subtle pop in your footwear like beige or white or opt for bolder textures such as woven straw or suede shoes for a cooler vibe.  

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So, are you ready to beat the heat with style? Comment below with your feedback and tell us your favorite go-to-summer style. Happy Summer 2016!


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