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Summer trends worth trying in 2017

As the years go by, so do the trends for men. In recent years, we’ve seen that men too are not hesitant to experiment with their wardrobe. With the winter almost over, it’s time for our jackets and pullovers to find their way back into the closet. We won’t be able to enjoy those beanie caps any longer either as it’s time to face the sun again. Summer is coming soon, with longer humid days and it’s essential to keep cool – both with the looks we carry and the clothes we wear. So here are some summer trends worth trying in 2017.


Keeping yourself cool in the summer is extremely important for many reasons including health, fashion and comfort. Fabrics to stick with in the summers are undoubtedly cotton and linen. Known for their breathability, these materials keep you cool and dry during the summers, not to mention they are among the most comfortable fabrics to wear. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton and linen are natural fabrics that do not irritate your skin. With linen being one of the lightest fabrics out there, colour and style is never a problem with the variety of linen fabrics from our Royale Linen collection. Cotton being as versatile as it is, there are a number of fabrics made from cotton fibres including denim, corduroy, chinos etc. These are the best fabrics for your everyday use that will keep you happy, without breaking a sweat; pun intended. Also, pairing a cotton shirt with chinos and a linen shirt with dark denims is one of the best looks you can sport during the summers, a perfect mix of style and comfort.

fabrics for the summer

summer fabrics



As we all know, lighter colours will help with heat absorption and in turn will keep you cooler during the summers. Choosing lighter shades like pinks, lavenders, creams and light blues will help you look good and with these easily available in linen, will help you feel good too. With Greenery being declared as the colour of the year for 2017, you can opt for a lot of shades of greens thus keeping up with the trend. Pair your shirts and t-shirts with darker chinos or denims. You can have these paired with shorts or 3/4ths as well. With Joggers being as popular as they are, you can choose from denim joggers, cotton joggers or track joggers.

blue chinos


three fourths


After talking about the materials and different colours, here are a few style tips that you can implement using them. The classic loose trousers and t-shirt/shirt look never gets old! Opt for a classic polo t-shirt with a pair of loose trousers. Another option is a round neck cotton t-shirt on a pair of shorts. This is a great look for casual occasions and can be complemented well with a pair of yellow/blue sunglasses. This will make you look cool and most importantly, feel cool. For more formal affairs, opt for linen shirts. They go well with chinos or trousers for you to beat the heat in style. Loafers and slippers can be worn when going for a movie or just hanging out with friends. One other style that you can sport is printed vests on joggers. They are extremely comfortable and will keep you looking stylish.

white chinos

mens trousers



These are a few tips that will help you welcome the summers easily. As they say, make hay while the sun shines. Summers open up the possibility of experimenting and sporting different looks. So go out there and be yourself. And in the battle of you v/s the sun, there is no doubt, you will be winning that one!


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