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5 Ways To Reinvent Your Style

2018 is beginning to set in and with it, has come many fashion trends for you to look out for. Be it the bold coloured shoes or the fashion tips on dressing the modern man or the experiments with colours, if there is one thing that we know is that the key to dressing the modern man is to maintain a smart, streamlined look. So here are 5 tips that you could use if you are willing to go the distance and reinvent your style for 2018.

1. Change your Office Wear
Bored of the everyday monotony of the same old formal wear? It is very rare that you would find offices that do not require their employees to follow a dress code. For most men working in the country, a crisp formal shirt and pants are a must-have. And even though you can’t show up to work dressed in shorts and wearing whatever you want, you can always accessorize your look and amp up your formal wear to suit your comfort and style. Start with incorporating patterns in your shirts, like stripes or checks.
If smart casuals are allowed, try the combination of smart separates, i.e a T-shirt paired with a suit or a smart jacket paired with a pair of well-fitted chinos or sleek leather shoes will also do the trick. For the weekend you can swap your formal trousers for a nice pair of jeans (ideally a straight leg or a tapered fit); avoid torn or baggy jeans. Keep things simple by sticking to shades of blue and black.

2 Grooming

You might deny this but a man is judged instantly on the way he has dressed himself. That is why being well-groomed is very important especially when going to work. Take care of your skin by applying moisturizer and sunscreen before stepping outside.

Your beard and hair should be trimmed and combed. 2018 has brought on a whole new level on hairstyles for the modern man to support. The textured crop is one of the coolest looks and haircuts for guys this year. Wear it short or long, with or without bangs and textured or messy.

Loose Pompadour

Another men’s hairstyle that is huge this year is the taper haircut. This scissor cut style is a classic look that can be worn short or medium length. Longer styles are also popular this year, for every hair type from straight to curly, like the Loose Pompadour, Textured Quiff Haircut, Side Part Combover or the Slicked Back style. These looks are bold, creative and will make people look twice.

Side Part Combover

Body odour is a big thing. No one wants to be standing or sitting next to someone who smells bad. Apply a cologne or a good body spray and don’t forget to have a bath after coming back from the gym or any physical activity.


3 Exercise

Take some time out from your schedule and get into shape. You don’t necessarily have to join a gym or start a vigorous workout. Taking a walk twice a day or even an early morning run will help you burn some calories and clear your mind. Zumba is an upcoming trend as a substitute for those who prefer a more fun approach for workouts. Zumba allows you to sweat it out through dance moves. You can also try Yoga if you are looking for a less exertive physical activity.


4 Tailored Clothing

Finding the perfect fit is very important as the garment will follow the contour of your body perfectly. Tailored clothing gaining prominence as everyone is looking to customise their clothes to their likes and designs.

There is nothing wrong with readymade wear when you are looking for immediate options. However, there is a luxurious feel to getting yourself a suit stitched just for you. Be it the perfect fit or the fact that a tailored suit will always highlight your personal style and physique. We know that finding a good tailor that understands your needs and preferences and the current trends may take some time, so skip the wait and experience our Tailor Fit services here:

Pro Tip: Did you know that tailor-fitted clothes last longer than readymade wear as you can choose the quality of the material!

5 Accessories

While women have a variety to choose from, men have very few accessories that they can use. Accessorise your outfit with these essential add-ons.

A Watch does more than just tell time, it has the ability to add a little sophistication and class to your look. Opt for a leather strap watch as it is bound to match most of your outfits.

When buying Belts, remember, the bigger the belt buckle the less formal it is. Dress belts typically have very small, flat belt buckles. Almost all dress belts will have either a gold-colored or silver-colored finish.

One rule that should stay with you in dress or casual wear: brown leather shoes go with a brown leather belt, and black with black. When pairing other accessories make sure that all the elements are from the same colour family.

Coming to Ties, the more you have the merrier as you can always wear the same suit but pair it with a different tie. When buying ties, make sure the fabric is soft: silk is the fabric of choice when it comes to men’s neckties as they are resistant to wrinkles and does not attract dirt because of its smooth finish. Make sure your tie is of proportionate length which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but most ‘regular’ ties are around 57″-58″, while “extra-long” or “tall” sizes are closer to 62″-64″.

Do let us know what you liked about this article and what tips will you include in your style in the comments section below.

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Grooming tips for business travelers in monsoon

While grooming to your finest is a prerequisite for any business traveller, during the monsoon, you must take your grooming tips up a notch to tackle the humid weather and the odd splash of rain here and there. If you think you are doing your best, think again! We have a few tips that will help take your grooming game to the next level.

Hair Care

Contrary to popular belief that one can skip a hair wash during the monsoon, it is more important to wash your hair at least every alternate day if not everyday. This will ensure that your hair is free from dust and grime. The important thing here is to use a mild shampoo and conditioner as they will help you to retain the normal texture of your hair. Keep hair products like hair wax and gel at bay as they aren’t the most monsoon friendly products. Keeping a short hairstyle that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance will help ensure that your hair is at its finest best.
If you do grow a beard, ensure that it is well maintained and trimmed at regular intervals.


Keeping your nails well cut and cleaning them from time to time is of the utmost importance especially when it’s open season for all the bacteria and germs out there. There is no shame or anything feminine about a man getting a manicure/pedicure. A manicure/pedicure will ensure that your nails are clean and monsoon ready.

We can’t stress on this enough! Everyone must invest in a deodorant that suits their body and at the same time helps keep the perspiration away. With the humidity in the air on the rise, it becomes ever so important to invest in a deodorant that keeps away body odour.
Because let’s face it, no one points out if someone isn’t smelling great but if you aren’t, that is noticed quicker. So save yourself from the embarrassment of body odour and keep a deodorant handy with you at all times.
While we may all awe at the marvel of leather goods and its finish, the rains do not take kindly to leather and leather products. A few splashes and your beloved leather bag’s lustre will start to fade, the material will stretch out and will eventually give way. No one would like to see you carrying around a worn out leather bag on your business trip.
It is best if you keep your leather items stored away safely and opt for substitutes like TPU leather (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or Faux leather. Materials like TPU leather and Faux leather give your accessories the look and feel of leather but these do not give way as easily as leather and can handle a few splashes. Again, that does not mean that these materials are water resistant. Care must still be taken to ensure they do not get wet in the rains.

Like we mentioned above, keep your leather items locked away and that includes your shoes. Opt for TPU leather shoes during the monsoon and ensure you have the ever classy formal look when you travel. The high level of humidity in the air coupled with the splashes that your shoes undergo might make your shoes smell unpleasant. But don’t worry, we have a simple hack for you! Carry around spare unused tea bags and keep one in every shoe overnight every time you feel there might be unpleasant odours emanating from your shoes. This trick isn’t just limited to your formal shoes and works for your sneakers and running shoes too!

So these were a few tips that will ensure that your grooming does not take a hit this monsoon. A compromise on grooming is a big no-no, all it requires is a little bit of thought and voila! you’re all ready to take your grooming to the next level. And always remember- “Function over Fashion.”
So feel free to add grooming tips that you have created on your own for the monsoons.

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Your clothes might be elite, classy or smart, but without those extra add-ons – ‘accessories’ – they are just bland. The kind of attention that can be captivated with accessories is so much better than without them. We have heard enough about the plethora of accessories that women possess – bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc; but what about men?

Men have a limited range of accessories, but nevertheless they are essential to have. Here are our picks, what we think that gentlemen can’t do without.

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