The Versatile Blue Shirt

Don’t have enough time to change for a party right after work? Has your work wardrobe taken over your closet? Running low on this month’s budget? No worries, we’ve got you covered! All you need is a single blue shirt to pull through. Remember, a standalone shirt never makes an entire outfit; accessories make the look what it is. Blue is known for its versatility and its ability to match most outfits.

Work Blues:

Now, let’s start with the most important part of your day:Work!
How does one rock the plain blue shirt in a formal environment?

Honestly, it’s the easiest to take care of. Pair your blue shirt with a pair of well fitted black, navy blue or even cream colored trousers; it’s the most simple work outfit. You can add a touch of professionalism with a simple brown tie.

But for an important meeting, or to make more of a corporate impression, throw on a blazer that for obvious reasons matches your trousers. If you are reaching for a modern day smart casual look, ditch the tie and swap your formal pants for your favorite black jeans. Throw on a grey or light brown casual jacket.

Wedding Looks:

Got a wedding to attend but are tired of wearing the same attire every single time? There are two ways to incorporate your simple blue shirt into any wedding attire.
For a more high-fashion approach, a three-piece navy blue suit is your best option. If you are looking for a simpler approach roll back your sleeves with ease and rock the suspenders and a bow tie look. Remember, a pair of your cream chinos will work best with this attire.

Casual Party

Unlike weddings, these parties call for comfort and style. Most people think you can’t wear the same shirt for occasions like these. Well, we are here to prove you wrong. Going for drinks after work can be a little dicey especially if you are the only one who looks like he stepped right out from the boardroom. Here’s where your blue shirt will come to the rescue.  

Ditch your tie and throw on a cream blazer. Do make sure you roll up the sleeves to get a more simple and casual look. For a casual dinner date opt for a more simpler look by wear a light grey undershirt with some dark jeans and you’re good to go. Or try pairing a deep blue crew-neck sweater with white or dark blue jeans to effortlessly enjoy your night.

Beach Wear:

Going to spend the day atthe beach or at a resort? You would think that you have overdone this old blue shirt but by adding black or cream shorts and a simple hat you can add a touch of style while keeping the sun at bay. Pair this with Flip Flops or even your favorite shoes, i.e, if you don’t mind them getting filled with sand, to pull off this carefree and relaxed look.This look is super easy to achieve and refreshing to see. You can always unbutton two buttons and show off a dark brown necklace or a simple chain with a pendant. This look also works well with colored chinos.


casual looks for a stylish summer vacation
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