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Pick your perfect monsoon style – Men’s Essential guide

With the onset of the monsoon, fashion usually takes a backseat & rightly so, with the primary motive being to protect yourself from the rain. But, what if we tell you, being fashionable in the monsoon isn’t as difficult as you think it is. What if you could stay stylish without taking the risk of getting drenched in the rain. Scroll down for our tips to make sure that you get the perfect monsoon style.

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Shirts & T-shirt
Selecting the right fabric to tackle the rains is of utmost importance. Natural fabrics like cotton are the way to go since they dry faster and remain odour free. Avoid fabrics that bleed colours.
When it comes to selecting shirts for the monsoons, half-sleeved shirts are your best bet. If you can’t do without your full sleeved shirts, you could always roll up your sleeves. Check out our last blog for the perfect sleeve roll to give you a contemporary look this season.
This dull weather is the best time to lock away your darker colours and switch to pastels and light hues.
For an informal occasion or outing, a colorful printed t-shirt paired with the right trousers/shorts can go a long way. If printed t-shirts aren’t your style, sticking to plain t-shirts in light colours and shades is a safe bet.

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Opt for shorts made from cotton, a versatile material with a wide variety of colours and prints to select from which will give you a fashionable look for your casual outings. Cropped pants could be preferred for a more formal setting. Trousers made from lightweight, quick-dry fabrics should be on top of your list to tackle the rains. These will help elevate your look to another level while ensuring you stay cool and dry. Stay away from denims as they don’t dry quickly and become heavy when they get wet.


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A jacket is a must-have in each man’s wardrobe. For the monsoon, a waterproof jacket with a hood should be preferred as they can help you keep the umbrella safely locked away.
Avoid jackets without a hood no matter how good they look, your head and hair will eventually get wet in the rain. Don’t be afraid to add a dash of colour while selecting your jacket to add a bit of vibrancy and style to your look.



If a jacket isn’t your thing, then you have no other option but to go for an umbrella. Umbrellas today aren’t only about protecting you from the rain, they can also be a style statement. With a range of bright colours and designs to choose from, an umbrella can complete your ensemble.


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The monsoon calls for your leather and suede shoes to be packed up and locked away in the cupboard. While wearing fashionable footwear is always important, selecting footwear with the right sole is of utmost importance. Soles made of rubber are durable and reduce the risk of slipping to a minimum. Wellingtons (Gumboots) and Floaters are tried and tested choices for the season.


So, these are a few ways to make sure you are ready to face the dull weather in the most practical, yet fashionable way possible. Feel free to add your own style to your outfit and let us know on our Facebook page.

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