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Power Colours To Make A Statement This Winter | Men’s Essential

Following new trends and keeping up with the ever-changing fashion industry can seem very daunting. Being trendy is not very easy on the pocket either. But we have a very easy and inexpensive solution to this problem. Colours. You can be your own personal stylist by choosing from the winter colour palette of the year. Keep in mind that wearing the right colour for the right season can make all the difference to your appearance. Different seasons compliment different colours.

So, here is our winter colour analysis based on the colours that have been officially chosen by Pantone Color Institute as the top winter colours you may follow in 2019.

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Red Pear

This colour is a dark take on the typical wine hues that we see around the winter season. This colour exudes warmth and is perfect for the winter season. Pair dark trousers or chinos with this intense wine hue for a very neat and sharp look. This colour is perfect for date nights and dinner parties.


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Sargasso Sea

Blue is the perfect colour for any season. But this dark and broody take on the classic blue colour is sure to set you apart from the crowd. In spite of being a dark navy hue, Sargasso Sea has a soft and welcoming feel. To achieve a perfect winter look pair this colour with warm sandy tones like Beige. So swap out your blacks for this more upbeat and sophisticated colour this winter.

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Quiet Gray

Quiet Gray is the trendiest colour to wear this winter. This neutral colour is a great alternative for black. Because of its muted nature, it looks sophisticated and matches all skin tones effortlessly. This colour is supremely versatile and very fun to pair with brighter colours. You can either go classic by pairing this with dark coloured trousers or add a brightly coloured jacket to the ensemble to make it pop.


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Nebulas Blue

This colour is a very unusual pick for the winter season. It is bright and effervescent but works with the season anyway. This lively cobalt blue will spruce up your outfit effortlessly. Pair it with a bright coloured jacket or an overcoat to create a quirky and an upbeat outfit for the cold winter evenings. This combination is one of the biggest hits of the season.


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This colour looks like a wonderful blend of orange-red-brown. Rust is known as a colour that is universally flattering. It is elegant, earthy and has a certain charm to it. Rust is a very versatile colour and goes beautifully with earthy tones like beige, gray, and darker shades like black and navy blue. So pair it with a set of dark trousers or beige chinos for a fun day out.


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This bronzy, earthy shade exudes warmth and charm. It is a highly adaptable toasty hue. It can be worn as plaids or prints or just as a classic solid colour. The variations this colour has to offer are endless. With a neutral colour like this, coming up with outfit ideas are no issue at all. They pair extremely well with dark coloured trousers. A  pair of beige chino trousers will also do the trick.



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Ceylon Yellow

Ceylon Yellow is the perfect bright colour for winter season. It is bright but not too flashy. Its muted and exotic nature makes it wearable for every day. It has a rich, silky hue which is perfect for the chilly winter weather. It is very easy to style colour and looks great on all skin tones. Style it with a classic pair of navy blue chinos for a bright, warm look.


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Martini Olive

Martini Olive is an exemption from all the colours that are at the top. It is a smooth, sophisticated, muted green that will add depth to your outfit. It is not too dark and not too light. Just a perfect neutral green. The ideal way to wear this colour would be to pair it with light coloured cotton shorts or chinos.


Different seasons demand a different colour palate. And with these colours in your wardrobe, you are all set for a perfect style makeover. These colours are suited for all occasions. Some vivid, vibrant colours to brighten up those dreary winter evenings; some neutral, sophisticated hues to class up a party. We hope this article has helped you to find your colour.

So here’s to a stylish winter filled with colourful clothes!

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Get The Perfect Sleeve Roll – Men’s Style Guide

There’s something about a guy rolling up his sleeves that raises questions. Is he going for a fight? Is he getting to work? More often than not this is because of the weather conditions we have here in India and he is looking to go for a smart, yet casual look.

With the temperatures hitting the roof, a sleeve roll can come to your rescue. The sleeve roll has almost become a style statement. So here are a few ways that will help you keep cool in this blazing heat, without compromising on style.

The Aifa Roll

The AIFA Roll
While many people may not have heard of this style of roll, it is one of the most casual roll up styles there is. It is simple and appealing to the eyes.
It is a two-step fold
1)    The first fold about the width of the cuff.
2)    The second fold of similar width.
Avoid straightening the fold as this roll gives you a casual look.

High rollerThe High Roller
If you have a tattoo or big biceps, this is the sleeve roll up style for you.
This style involves rolling up your sleeves above your elbow. The first fold should be about the width of the cuff and the following rolls of similar width.
Flatten out the sleeve for that smart look. The high roll sleeve is best suited for semi-casual or casual shirts.


The Basic RollThe Basic Roll
As the name suggests, this is a basic roll. Although it is can be a little time consuming to roll and unroll the sleeves, it is one of the most commonly preferred style when it comes to rolling the sleeves.
Use the cuff width as a reference point and roll the sleeves up. Repeat the steps and roll until you reach the elbow.
The basic sleeve roll is usually preferred when the sleeves are wider than the arms.
Some shirts also have a thin fabric on the inside of the sleeve to secure a basic roll.

The Master rollThe Master Roll
The master roll is one of the more modern methods to roll up your sleeves. Shirts nowadays come with a contrasting color or design under the cuff. These are visible only if you use the master roll.
Although the master roll may seem complicated, be rest assured it isn’t.
The master roll involves rolling up the sleeve about two times the width of the cuff. Straighten out and smoothen the fold and then roll the sleeve from the bottom once again, leaving only a small part of the cuff exposed.
The master roll is preferred as it is easy to undo and stays in place even after a long day filled with activities.
The Band Roll

The Band Roll
The band roll or also known as the garter roll is a roll that uses a sleeve band to keep the sleeve in place. A sleeve garter will make sleeve rolling easier while giving you the retro look. Secure the top of the sleeve with a sleeve garter, then pull up the sleeve a few inches and hide the sleeve band under the shirt’s folds.


So here were a few ways to roll up your sleeves and give your outfit a different dimension. Feel free to experiment with the aforementioned techniques and mix it up to up your fashion game!

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Fashion trends for men: How to make a style statement this festive season

Dressing up may seem like a woman’s forte, but it certainly isn’t it. Couple that with the festive season,, it is your duty to dress your best; which basically means you have the opportunity to dress yourself in the best outfits you can source. It would definitely behoove you if you were to equip yourself with a bespoke outfit. So, without further ado, read on to know how you can make a style statement this festive season and keep your trend game on top.

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Style tips for the quintessential shirt and pant combination

Fashion for men over the years has exploded drastically over the past 70 years. There’s a lot to keep up with honestly. But merely keeping up isn’t enough. You have to know to pull it off as well. Some trends are classic and have stood the test of time, some are staples and they are evergreen combinations you can never go wrong with while others change just like the weather. It’s also not convenient always having your better half or a preferred woman companion tagging along when you’re out shopping. However, a few key rules can make it easy!

To avoid the confusion, we’re making it easier for you! Here are some tips about combinations for you to select and the types of looks you should put together to look your ultimate best!
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How to sport one suit in five different styles

Looking stylish and up-to-date is a universal want. However, that doesn’t always mean we have to purchase new clothes. It isn’t always practical to go out and buy clothes before every event or an important day. We often forget about the clothes we have in our wardrobe that can be experimented with to attain a sophisticated look.

Everyone has at least one suit, but very rarely do they wear it. How often have you thought of using that one suit for different looks? For most people, suits are worn once or twice a year when a special event comes along, but a suit can be styled more ways than one! Here’s how one suit can be utilised effectively to get five different looks, pairing it with clothes you will easily find in your wardrobe.

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Rainy Day Wardrobe: All you need is a splash of colour

Are you still wearing those boring, light and nude shades? It’s time you splashed some colour in your wardrobe as a change of season also calls for a change of clothes. Pastel  green or any light pastel colours are best for this season, as these colourful vibes make your clothes evoke the haute look in the rainy season. There are a lot of styles to choose from which will help retain your style factor, apart from keeping you dry.

The most essential and versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe, casual t-shirts, are a great option for casual wear in the monsoons. Opt for bright colors like blue, yellow, red and orange if you’re going to a casual event, in order to look lively in the gloomy weather. Continue reading

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Style guide to get you ready for the monsoon

The monsoon is here, and it is here to stay, thus, keeping it to a minimum is the mantra. Of course, being stylish is what you should aim for, but being dry should be second on the list, lest you catch a cold. This rainy season, embrace the trend and look your best. Scroll down to know more.

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