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Get The Perfect Sleeve Roll – Men’s Style Guide

There’s something about a guy rolling up his sleeves that raises questions. Is he going for a fight? Is he getting to work? More often than not this is because of the weather conditions we have here in India and he is looking to go for a smart, yet casual look.

With the temperatures hitting the roof, a sleeve roll can come to your rescue. The sleeve roll has almost become a style statement. So here are a few ways that will help you keep cool in this blazing heat, without compromising on style.

The Aifa Roll

The AIFA Roll
While many people may not have heard of this style of roll, it is one of the most casual roll up styles there is. It is simple and appealing to the eyes.
It is a two-step fold
1)    The first fold about the width of the cuff.
2)    The second fold of similar width.
Avoid straightening the fold as this roll gives you a casual look.

High rollerThe High Roller
If you have a tattoo or big biceps, this is the sleeve roll up style for you.
This style involves rolling up your sleeves above your elbow. The first fold should be about the width of the cuff and the following rolls of similar width.
Flatten out the sleeve for that smart look. The high roll sleeve is best suited for semi-casual or casual shirts.


The Basic RollThe Basic Roll
As the name suggests, this is a basic roll. Although it is can be a little time consuming to roll and unroll the sleeves, it is one of the most commonly preferred style when it comes to rolling the sleeves.
Use the cuff width as a reference point and roll the sleeves up. Repeat the steps and roll until you reach the elbow.
The basic sleeve roll is usually preferred when the sleeves are wider than the arms.
Some shirts also have a thin fabric on the inside of the sleeve to secure a basic roll.

The Master rollThe Master Roll
The master roll is one of the more modern methods to roll up your sleeves. Shirts nowadays come with a contrasting color or design under the cuff. These are visible only if you use the master roll.
Although the master roll may seem complicated, be rest assured it isn’t.
The master roll involves rolling up the sleeve about two times the width of the cuff. Straighten out and smoothen the fold and then roll the sleeve from the bottom once again, leaving only a small part of the cuff exposed.
The master roll is preferred as it is easy to undo and stays in place even after a long day filled with activities.
The Band Roll

The Band Roll
The band roll or also known as the garter roll is a roll that uses a sleeve band to keep the sleeve in place. A sleeve garter will make sleeve rolling easier while giving you the retro look. Secure the top of the sleeve with a sleeve garter, then pull up the sleeve a few inches and hide the sleeve band under the shirt’s folds.


So here were a few ways to roll up your sleeves and give your outfit a different dimension. Feel free to experiment with the aforementioned techniques and mix it up to up your fashion game!