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Travel Fashionably this season | Siyaram’s

Style is effervescent.  

In today’s day and age, there is every reason why you need to pack smartly and look put together when you travel for work. Remember this oft-repeated line – you are first judged by your look, then by your words.

Thus, packing for work-related travel is quite different from packing for a holiday. Here are a few suggestions that could help you look fashionable while traveling.

Opt for the perfect jacket

Firstly, pick the right layers. Choose the perfect jacket that suits your personality, is comfortable and can be used in multiple ways.  Make sure the jacket can be added or removed with ease for when you go from cold-to-hot locations or vice versa. Try picking a jacket with multiple pockets wherein you can stash your phone, tickets or earphones. Thank us later as you’ll never underestimate the power of pockets.


Wear Classic Shirts

Opt for solid-coloured tees or polo t-shirts for a versatile look. Pair bright coloured shirts with dark pants. The dark pants can be used multiple times without breaking a sweat. The addition of a vest will set you a class apart and it will be perfect for a meeting or dinner for the following day, so remember to pack it.


When travelling, try keeping your accessories minimal. Remember to wear smart sunglasses that suit your face and will protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. Avoid packing a hat, instead wear it! Headphones are a great accessory to carry around, so play it cool and try to pull off them around your neck to complete your travel casual look.


Treat your sweatpants as trousers

Pick your jeans or chinos wisely and make sure that it fits your body type well. Don’t be afraid to wear sweatpants while in transit: try to treat them like a pair of trousers. For a polished look, try them with proper boots and a sophisticated polo neck tee.



Giving equal importance to your footwear is a must as it completes your look. It is important for you to wear extremely comfortable footwear. You wouldn’t want to keep bending to tie your laces, therefore, opt for easy to wear footwear such as classic loafers.  Always remember to buy quality socks as it prevents blisters and foot odour. During summers, try to pack a nice pair of slippers or sandals for a smart casual look, after your work meetings.


Always try to pick the right clothes from your travel wardrobe while traveling and pack smart so that you can mix and match well. You should relatively stay stylish when traveling but also remember to carry comfortable clothing.

Share with us a few travel looks that you have tried in the comment section below.


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