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Wardrobe Essentials for a Weekend Brunch | Siyaram Blog

Choosing how to dress-up for a weekend brunch can get confusing at times; the constant casual look vs formal attire dilemma. But these are not the only 2 options that you have. The best look is one which is a mix and match of both formal and casual clothing to create an elegant yet relaxed look.

So here are some must-have casual and formal wear in your wardrobe to create a number of looks for that weekend brunch.

Classic Polos

Yes, it’s the right time to pick your coloured polos if you’re going for an informal gathering. Polo t-shirts never really go out of style. They are warm-weather staples and you could opt for a slightly slimmer cut if it suits your body type.


Tailored Shirts

While shopping for shirts, we suggest you pick a high quality shirt cut from thick, soft cotton. For a tailored fit, you can try dropping by at your nearest Siyaram’s shop and you won’t regret your decision. If you pair a button-down Oxford shirt with dark colored jeans or chinos, it looks elegant even without a tie.


Slim Fit Chinos

Invest in a pair of tailored chinos as they’re made especially for an informal dressing code with a range of colour options. Pair it with a poplin shirt in bright colours. Add a blazer and tie to up your style quotient. Remember, being over-dressed is always better than being under-dressed and you always have the option of removing the tie and/or blazer.


Versatile Jacket

Throwing on a jacket is the easiest way to dress up any outfit. We recommend you opt for a lightweight jacket or blazer! A navy blue blazer is the most common one hence, we advise you to pick a non-traditional light blue jacket. Also, don’t shy away from a denim jacket as it’s the perfect refined-yet-casual piece in a man’s wardrobe. A dark coloured and well-fitted denim jacket goes well with beige chinos.


Statement Accessories

You need classic and minimal detailing to keep it simple and stylish! These don’t need to be very expensive but should last season after season. In regards to neckwear, avoid choosing trendy ties. A timeless leather-strip or metal watch will talk about your personality and a pair of sharp sunglasses will add a lot to your look. Finally, think about your belt! It should always match your shoe colour, this shows you pay attention to the finer details.


Fashionable Shoes

Make sure that you opt for footwear which is tan brown, keeping the colour of your belt in mind. Say no to sneakers or loafers and opt for a pair of brogues, boat or canvas shoes for versatile footwear. A pair of brogues goes very well with a suit, chinos or even jeans.


To leave a lasting impression with your smart-casual look, always remember to iron your shirt, complement your jacket with a pocket square and keep your shoes polished. With these tips in mind, you are now ready to up your style quotient at those weekend brunches!

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