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Winter Trends for Men: Look sharp with layered clothing

Winter is not just coming anymore – it is here – and so are the various trends that come along with it. One trend that spells class and functionality is layering. What is layering? It is nothing but wearing one layer of clothing over another, until you look well put-together, and are warm enough. Now, Indian winters may not be as intense as the ones in various parts of the world, but it is exactly why layering works for our winters. You can layer up to stay warm during the evenings and early mornings, and you can layer down in the afternoons when you may be warm enough already or when you’re indoors. Best of all, when you layer clothes, you can achieve the perfect business look for work and yet be casual enough for a night-on-the-town with friends. So read on to know how you can master the art of layering.

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The cardinal rule for layering is that each of your layers must be a standalone outfit on its own; every time you take off one layer, the layer underneath must be a proper outfit. The next rule of layering is that you go from the thinnest layer to the thickest. The reasoning for this is that you build up your outfit in a way that will retain heat, but not make you feel unbearably hot. This will not only keep you comfortable, but it will balance out your look perfectly.

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For layering a formal outfit, like a suit, it should be worn exactly the same way it’s worn – by beginning with a dress shirt and tie – then adding a suit jacket to complete the attire. However, a casual, weekend look would be different. It would start with a shirt, then a sleeveless vest, which would then be completed with a sports jacket. With a casual outfit you could also experiment with cardigans, turtlenecks, and cardigans. If you feel you would require an additional layer, an overcoat or a trench coat would create an ideal layer for both, a formal and a casual look!

When you start picking colours for layering, understand that the more colours there are, the more difficult it’ll be for you to create a balanced look. So choose neutral colours like beige, browns, greys, whites and black. However, if you do want to add a pop of colour, you can experiment with colours like maroon or blue, in muted tones. At all costs, avoid clashing colours while layering. A colourful and playful tie would be more than enough for incorporating colour into the outfit.

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winter clothing for men

Don’t forget to add some accessories to your look. No outfit is complete without a belt and matching set of shoes. Leave the open-faced footwear for the summers and go for shoes like a classic pair of Oxfords (these should be a wardrobe staple). The next thing to add is a wrist watch. If you’re not planning on wearing a tie, go for a chunky scarf to keep your neck warm. A stately pair of sunglasses to adorn your face and your look is complete. If you do happen to be going out during the cold evenings, you could experiment with a fedora as well. However, don’t forget to sport a clean and well-maintained look, so groom that beard and hair.

Now that you have it, the perfect guide to look sharp this winter with layered clothing, go ahead and own that style. For more style tips, check out #TheSuitCommandments, #FabricTech, and #TheRightFit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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