Siyaram’s strong presence in the Export Markets owes much to its diversified offerings ranging from fibre to fashion across a diverse portfolio spanning across menswear to home furnishing to womens wear. Our brand commands a leading position with a sale of almost 7,000,000 meters of fabric worldwide on account of its continual commitment to world class quality, style and comfort.

To cater to the dynamic demands of the global customer, Siyaram’s is a world renowned master manufacturer of fabrics and garments in a variety of blends including polyester viscose, polyester wool, polyester viscose wool, polyester viscose linen & polyester viscose cotton. Our core fabrics production are in fiber dyed yarns thereby ensuring exceptionally good colour fastness and shade continuity levels, making them a great success for suit separate programs.

Siyaram’s strength of also manufacturing an array of fancy jacquard designs as per our customer’s requirements, are a time-tested preferred choice for men’s fancy jackets and waist coats as well as for women’s garments. We also specialize in “Flanello” which imparts wool like handle to poly viscose fabrics. Our expertise in producing stretch fabrics, both weft stretch as well as two way stretch, are a huge hit with leading brands internationally.

This makes us the first-choice for superior quality fabrics and garments and our brand is strongly well-established and respected in the US, UK, France, South East Asian, Australian and Latin American Markets. Truly, world over, Siyaram’s is a trusted brand on which the sun never sets.