Siyaram’s is India’s largest manufacturer of blended high fashion suitings and shirtings. Our following range of all-season fabrics blend style and comfort with individual characteristics such as crease recovery, fall as well as porosity:

Polyester Viscose

Polyester Viscose Lycra

Polyester Cotton

Polyester Wool Lycra

Wool Linen

100% Cotton

Cotton Linen

Polyester Viscose Linen

Polyester Rayon

Polyester Wool

Wool Lycra

100% Wool

100% Linen

CVC & PC Yarn-Dyed Shirting


Siyaram’s world class manufacturing Plants are furnished with state-of-the-art equipments and latest cutting-edge textile technologies sourced from ‘round the globe’.
Our weaving strength is enhanced by our high-tech factories at Tarapur, Daman and Silvassa which have enabled us to produce a wide range of textiles which are at par with global standards to suit every need.
Most of the weaving machines are equipped with the latest Staubli selvedge name writing jacquard machines.

  • Warping section like Bromas (Robotic), Karl Mayer and Benninger (Switzerland)
  • Weaving technology like Rapier: Picanol (Belgium) and Dornier (Germany), Projectile: Sulzer Textile (Switzerland), Airjet: Toyoda (Japan)


Siyaram’s is proud to have developed a truly world renowned processing and finishing plant at Tarapur. To sustain our reputation as a leader in the global textile market our Plant is fully equipped with latest machines which include:

  • Parex Singeing from England
  • Ostoff Singeing from Germany
  • Airo 1000 from Italy
  • Super Finish from Germany
  • Tumbler Drier – Beating Machine from Spain (Special for PC/PV/Poly Linen/Poly. Cotton Linen Fabrics )
  • Paper Press from England
  • Sanforizing Zero Machine
  • Relaxed Scouring
  • Scouring & Milling
  • Shearing & Cropping
  • Comfit Machine – From Dhall Engineering , India
  • Lafer Machine
  • Shiner , Italy
  • Stenter from Montex ( Monoforts )
  • Kier Decatising – K.D. from Biella, Jubilee & T.M.T, Italy