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Linen- one of the oldest-known fabrics in the world and can be best described as an ‘all-weather’ essential. Today, linen remains a key natural fibre, still prized for its cool texture, sophisticated appearance, highly absorbent and breathable nature- making it a must have during our Indian Summers and the not-so-cold winters.
Royale Linen, Siyaram’s exquisite linen collection treated with the latest ‘Aero Finish’ technology gives the fabric an impressive lustre and a perfect fall, and is available in bright hues of orange, blue, mustard, yellow, green and about 30 shades of Khaki.

Ideal for all occasions, the premium fabric collection has the ability to cut through the clutter and combines its modern and contemporary style with elegant colours, designs and prints both in Suitings and Shirtings.

Considering the weather in India, Linen suits and shirts can be your best pick to enhance your élan and style-quotient round the year !


Linen is usually considered as a summer essential fabric that has the unique ability to absorb and lose water rapidly. Thanks to its insulating qualities, Royale Linen fabrics can keep the wearer cool, in warm summers and warm during cold winters.

Royale Linen includes a wide range of fabric collection in vibrant colours, designs and prints both in Suitings and Shirtings.