India’s Pride stitched in exquisite craftsmanship to turn your everyday style into a statement.






Siyaram’s collection of blended high-fashion suiting fabrics is the quintessence of perfection in quality, style and comfort and continues to lead young India’s fashion revolution since the past three decades.

Siyaram’s suiting fabrics are woven using superior yarns, super fine polyesters and rich fibres that undergo world class finishing processes to make truly superior and world renowned suiting fabrics. Our Suiting Fabrics have supreme crease recovery, impeccable fall as well as enhanced lustre and porosity which make them supremely comfortable and the first choice for India’s young trendsetters.

Siyaram’s suiting fabrics are ideal for every occasion – be it making your presence being felt in boardroom meetings, enjoying moments of leisure or welcoming every celebration with threads of tradition.

We bring you exquisite suiting fabrics specially handcrafted for every season and every reason with designs, as fresh as spring; colours, as cool as winter; and range, as vibrant as summer.


India’s fastest-selling fabric brand with over 3 million meters of shirting fabrics sold each month, one of the widest collections of polyester viscose linen and cotton linen fabrics in an appealing range of colours, over 2000 alluring designs every month and an undying promise for world acclaimed quality, sum up the very essence of Siyaram’s Shirtings.

While we’re the largest manufacturer of blended fabrics in India, we’re one of the biggest players in the category of branded shirting. From formal wear on work days to classics for evenings; casual wear on weekends to ensembles that make celebrations special, our range of shirting fabrics complete your wardrobe

Our in-house design studio, taps the latest trends in international and domestic apparel markets to manufacture premium shirting fabrics. Make every moment memorable, flaunt your shirt style woven with the threads of elegance, comfort and style.