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Siyaram’s Anti Bacterial Fabric, Safety with Authenticity!


This global pandemic has brought everything to a standstill and has increased the need to maintain hygiene more than ever. The virus spreads through touching infected surfaces, through saliva droplets and coming in close contact with an infected person. Therefore, maintaining hygiene in every step of life is a crucial phenomenon.

Even after the lockdown will be lifted, people will have to maintain social distancing norms. Most places will utilize temperature sensors at public places, everybody will be required to wear a mask, and carry a sanitizer but will that be enough?

During the day 90% of our body is covered in clothing, even if our hands are clean if our clothes come in contact with an infected surface, it is a dangerous phenomenon. The virus that stays on the surface of the fabric can lead to the spread of infection.

A step towards protection:
Siyaram’s a leading fabric and garment manufacturer has also highlighted this concern. As a responsibility towards their customers and the entire community, Siyaram’s has taken the task to solve this current issue.

After detailed research and extensive studies, Siyaram’s has devised an innovative fabric as a solution to the problem of the ongoing contamination. To manufacture the best quality of this fabric, the brand has partnered with Health Guard plus Australia, who is a pioneer in protective fabrics worldwide.

Siyaram’s in association with Health Guard presents the Anti-Bacteria Fabric.

Health Guard is a global leader for over 25 years in tailored non-invasive healthcare. It is an Australian company that is dedicated to research and development of safe innovative biotech solutions for a broad range of products. Each of its products is independently tested at world-leading facilities.

Siyarams’s and Health Guard’s association has created a fabric that will protect you from the virus, in case you come in contact with it. The ‘Cosmetic based chemistry’ coating utilised in making the fabric, is made of positive compounds and when it comes in contact with the negative compounds, it disintegrates the outer lipid coating and destroys the virus in a few seconds. This technology is tested in the esteemed laboratories of Australia and India.
The wonders of Cosmetic Based Chemistry:

Siyaram’s and Health Guard are both conscious manufactures and are aware about the effects of raw materials utilized in creating the product. They believe in enhancing and promoting eco-innovation solutions in the protective fabric industry. Therefore, Health Guard has developed a ‘Cosmetic based chemistry’ for manufacturing the Anti-Bacteria fabric. Similar kind of technology is applied while making cosmetics, thus it is 100% sustainable and skin-friendly.

Advantages of Cosmetic Based Chemistry:
• Made of natural substances
• It doesn’t harm the human skin
• It has no side effects
• All ingredients are sustainable and biodegradable: environment friendly
• It doesn’t leach (emit) any harmful components in contact with liquid
• It renders a soft and smooth feel to the fabric
• Recommended by health experts
Why is this protective clothing necessary?
• When you step outside the house and walk around in an infected area, you might come in contact with micro droplets of residual sneezes and coughs, these infectious droplets suspend for hours and attach to our clothing, hands and faces, which exposes us to the possibility of ingestion.
• We may wear a mask to prevent inhalation, wash our hands but our clothes can carry live virus droplets for many hours. Putting the person wearing the clothes at serious risk.
• Therefore, if the fabric is capable of destroying the virus as it comes in contact with the fabric, it will eliminate this problem.

Siyaram’s Anti-Bacteria Fabric is guaranteed 99.94% effective against Corona Virus (H1N1), SARS, Influenza Virus with a broad range of Anti-Microbial treatment. The fabric has non-leaching properties compared to other metal based chemistry products, that means the treated layer of the fabric does not dissolve in water. Even after 30 washes of the fabric, the effect of the formulation does not diminish.

Dr. Christopher Harvey – The owner of Health Guard
“Health Guard Australia is a pioneer in technology innovations for human benefits. Over the last 3 decades plus, we have been innovating products solving the real-life challenges of the world. We are happy to partner with Siyaram’s to launch the “ANTI-BACTERIA FABRICS” that is effective against Corona Virus with 99.94% reliability.

Also, I am proud to share that, at Health Guard we are deeply concerned about the after-effects of ingredients used or the final product and thus have developed a ‘Cosmetic based chemistry’ to derive such amazing results.
This is the latest technology that has no side effects and is superior to the old metal-based chemistry used by some of our competitors.

I strongly recommend Siyaram’s Anti-Bacterial Fabrics developed in association with Health Guard as a protective shield in our fight against the corona Virus!”

The difference between Siyaram’s protective fabric and other brand’s fabric.

Health Guard is a pioneer in research and development of non-invasive health care and biotech solutions for more than 25 years. Siyaram’s in association with Health Guard has innovated the ‘Anti-Bacterial Fabric’ provides protection from deadly viruses and bacteria that comes in contact with the surface of the cloth in a few seconds.

‘Anti-Bacterial Fabric’ provides protection from deadly viruses and bacteria.

Advantages of the Anti-Corona Fabric:
• Independently tested as 99.94% effective against Corona Virus
• Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and bugs
• Hygienic
• Uses technology base that is used in cosmetics
• Durable for multiple laundry cycles
• The Features does not affect the color and dyestuffs of the fabric
• Made with the natural based substances instead of heavy metal salt based properties
• Skin friendly and smooth texture
• Tested against SARS-CoV-2

The future is promising:

Siyaram’s Anti-Bacterial Fabric provides a 24/7 silent sentinel protection from the deadly viruses. These suitings and shirtings fabrics are not just effective but also comfortable too. We at Siyaram’s have ensured that we do not compromise on the style quotient, the texture, the designs and the color of the fabric. We want to enable our customers to stay protected in style. Made from natural components and sustainable technology this real Anti-Bacterial fabric is extremely stylish as well as skin-friendly.

In the coming days, the Anti-Bacterial fabric will not just be a trend it will be a necessity for everyone. This fabric is the smartest way to stay protected from the virus, and any other bacteria.

This fabric will allow you to embrace life after lockdown with full confidence and have an armour against the adversities.

Make the right choices and select a risk-free life. Choose Siyaram’s Anti-Bacterial Fabric and let’s fight this pandemic together.

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