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Style tips for the quintessential shirt and trouser combination


Fashion for men over the years has exploded drastically over the past 70 years. There’s a lot to keep up with honestly. But merely keeping up isn’t enough. You have to know to pull it off as well. Some trends are classic and have stood the test of time, some are staples and they are evergreen combinations you can never go wrong with while others change just like the weather. It’s also not convenient always having your better half or a preferred woman companion tagging along when you’re out shopping. However, a few key rules can make it easy!

To avoid the confusion, we’re making it easier for you! Here are some tips about combinations for you to select and the types of looks you should put together to look your ultimate best!

Solid Coloured
Solid coloured shirts are the bedrock of an entrepreneur’s clothing. By that, opt for light coloured shirts with a dark trouser or a lighter shade of trousers on a dark Shirt. You can never go wrong with blue-beige, or grey-black combinations. For the perfect formal look, you can opt for a solid trouser and solid shirt with a checkered tie. Tartan ties are in fashion and look brilliant with solid coloured attire, so be sure to have at least one tartan tie in your wardrobe. Also if you haven’t noticed, bow ties are back in fashion and are huge! Sport a bow-tie to get noticed!

Checkered and Patterned
As a rule of thumb, avoid wearing both, checkered and patterned clothing together. Ensure that if you’re wearing a checkered or a striped shirt, you wear trouser that are a solid colour. If you want to wear patterns, know that you can only pair minimal patterns with striped trousers. Be sure to follow the above for the perfect office wear combinations. After all, you’ve got to look your best at work, all-day, everyday!

Dressing to the occasion
Have a party to attend but have no clue what to wear? Choose a nylon or rayon solid coloured shirt. The two-shaded hues make it the perfect party wear. These fabrics are perfect to wear as they are lightweight and aren’t too hot. Pair these bright shirts with denim or soft cotton trousers for a dapper look.

Choosing the Right Fabrics
It’s always confusing – which kind of shirt to sport with khakis and chinos. A denim shirt with either khakis or chinos is a clear winner. You can also pick contrasting colours of solid cotton or linen shirts and woolen checkered patterns with this look. In cooler months, with chinos pick a plaid long sleeve shirt. With khakis, pair it with a solid dark shirt. A khaki trouser and dark blue shirt serve as both, a formal and casual colour combination.

Easy Casuals
Linen shirts on denims are a preferred pick while selecting what to wear. The look is casual yet classy! Linen shirts are more comfortable and are the perfect selection to beat the October heat. Linen shirts can also be paired with chinos for a laid-back relaxed look.

With these tips and combinations, you’ll never find yourself lost or confused while pairing your clothes, nor would you need the help and advice of your loved ones. You’re all set for the perfect match, to face the world with confidence in every stride.

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