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Tailor Fit – Benefits of tailored garments


When it comes to fashion for men, one of the most essential pieces of clothing is undoubtedly a Suit and there is nothing better than having one tailored just for you! Although there’s nothing wrong with suits off the rack, there’s nothing compared to getting one stitched according to your measurements and choice. Men, remember: a good suit is an investment that pays off in the longer run. So, invest well and invest right!

Why tailored?
There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account when having a suit tailored. Every inch of the suit is made to specification and is not as easy as picking one off the rack. Measurements after measurements can be annoying, but that’s the only way to get a suit that is truly made for you! Also, a well fitted suit makes you look classier than the rest, so why not? Don’t forget, it helps cover unflattering spots and can be tweaked to accentuate your plus points.

Siyaram's Fabric

Take your pick
Another choice that is solely yours is the fabric that you choose. That’s the first and the biggest investment needed. Be sure to choose the right fabric and opt for the highest quality fabric always. This will ensure that your suit will go a long way in turning heads as well as, lasting that long! Wool is the best fabric to use for a suit. Being a natural material, it breathes well and can be worn in cold and warm climatic conditions. Wool is also wrinkle free and soft, helping the suit stay in the best shape possible. There are different types of wool to choose from like tweed, flannel, cashmere, merino and worsted. Take your pick among solid colours or pinstripes, tartan or chequered, whatever you like!

Is it expensive? You cannot put a price to it!
Contrary to belief, tailored suits are not as expensive as one thinks. Unless of course you go to a high-end tailor who will charge a premium. Off-the-rack suits are generally priced higher and still need alterations to provide a better fit! Why waste that extra money on something that isn’t as special as the occasion you’re choosing it for?

Siyarams Suit

Suit your style; conveniently!
Talking about convenience, stitching a suit that is made to your exact specifications is a total timesaver. Once you have identified a good tailor, your wish is their command. It saves the time spent on visiting 10 different stores to finding that almost-perfect suit. With so many types of styles and cuts available, you’re better off choosing your own and standing out from the crowd than wearing a common suit cut that everyone else is wearing. Your suit will go the extra mile in telling a tale or two about how patient and well-groomed you are!

Customize everything
Also, one of the advantages that comes with having your suit stitched, is that you can customize your shirt as well. A loose shirt on a well stitched suit looks cheap. Having a well-fitted shirt on an impeccable suit will go a long way. How often do we remove our coats due to the weather conditions, while driving or better yet, when we have to keep the lady accompanying us warm?
You can have your shirt customized to have the perfect length for your cuffs and the suit sleeve length. These will now be perfect to show an inch of the shirt while your suit sleeve ends at the base of your thumb.
There are a variety of shirt collars to choose from. The sharpest collars to choose when wearing a suit would be the forward point collar, the button down for a classier look or the cutaway if you’re going to be sporting a tuxedo.

Still wondering why? For all the reasons above and for the love of suits, you should always have your suit tailored to your liking, perfecting your imperfections and highlighting those strong points of your frame!


  1. Prashant January 30, 2024

    If we don’t like the colour during the trial so can we change the suite colour ?


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