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How To Buy The Best Suit Fabric In India


How To Buy The Best Suit Fabric In India


Selecting the ideal fabric for your suit is important as a suit represents sophistication and gives you a chance to express your individual style. Purchasing a good fabric quality should be the utmost priority and simply not be chosen for its excellent fit or a luxurious feel.

The simplest way to judge a fabric’s quality is to squeeze it in your fist and see if it recovers to its original shape; if it does, it indicates good quality.

The two most common factors to deciding the best suit fabric in India are:

No matter how great your suits look, it is important to consider the breathability of the fabric. When the temperature drops, choose heavier, warmer fabrics when it’s hot and humid, stick to lightweight, cotton suits to avoid feeling uncomfortable and sweating inside your suit.

The fabric of your suit makes a strong statement. Poor-quality fabric can be itchy, and its stiffness will make you feel trapped and uncomfortable. A well-designed and tailored suit not only makes you feel more comfortable, but it also makes you look more confident and elegant. Siyaram’s new ultra-soft bamboo fabric collection is an excellent example that gives a luxurious appearance without compromising on quality.
Here are the top wardrobe essentials you need to know before buying the best suit fabric in India.

Wool is the most popular fabric for suits. It is versatile and can be woven into a variety of fabrics. It is durable, wrinkle-free and extremely soft. Since it is natural, it breathes well, making it suitable for everyday use and can be worn throughout the year.

– Breathable
– Has great temperature-regulating abilities
– Wrinkle-free and remarkably soft
– Ideal for everyday use
– Anti-microbial properties that keep odors down

– Must be hand washed and air dried
– Can feel slightly rough to the touch

Cotton suits are light and soft, and a perfect alternative to beat the heat in summers without sacrificing style. They are an affordable yet fashionable option, making them an evergreen option for every man out there. Siyarams bamboo fabric is one of the best suit fabrics in India, combining innovation and sustainability for the modern man.

– Breathable
– Easier to care for
– Affordable
– Environmentally friendly
– Good for casual events

– Prone to creasing faster and developing wrinkles and look sloppy
– Less durable compared to fabrics like wool

Cashmere suits have been popular for a long time. This high-end fabric carries a sleek, masculine fit that makes it appear more dapper, while still maintaining the fabric softness.

– Luxurious
– All year usage
– Better warmth retention than wool
– Good moisture absorption

– Can be on the expensive end
– High maintenance in terms of care and storage
– Should only be stored in a dry environment

Silk is a fabric that provides superiority and comfort. Being breathable, it regulates body temperature by keeping body heat in cool weather and releasing body heat in hot weather. This makes it a great fabric to choose from, making it the ideal suit for formal occasions. Its sleek fine threads form a very silky and smooth weave that feels buttery soft on your skin.

– Luxurious
– Light weight and cool
– Buttery soft on the skin

– Expensive
– Less durability
– Fragile fabric

If you’ve been looking for a new suit, you might have noticed that polyester suits tend to be more affordable than other suit fabrics. Compared to other fabrics, they are much more durable and easier to maintain because they are made of synthetic materials. The unique shine of the polyester fabric makes the fabric look sleek making it a perfect look for casual occasions.

– Affordable
– Dries quickly
– Wrinkle resistant

– Looks cheap and low quality
– Not breathable
– Must be avoided in extreme temperatures

Suits can be an expensive investment, so it is important to get it right by choosing Siyarams.
With a diverse range of fabric offerings, from natural fibers to rayon, check out our website and explore the luxurious collection that will add the touch of grandeur to your wardrobe!


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    Hi This is Adarsh a product development manager in blaizer and tailor made pants from New Zealand.
    I have some fabric enquiry please can you share you’re tope tope and medium range suite fabric swatches.


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