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Dress for the show that never stops

India’s pride stitched in exquisite craftsmanship to turn your everyday style into a great statement.

Siyaram’s has been at the forefront in the Indian market of blended, high fashion suiting and shirting. Here’s a range of all-season Siyaram fabrics that blend style and comfort with individual characteristics such as crease recovery, fall as well as porosity:

  • Polyester Viscose
  • Polyester Viscose Blend
  • Polyester Viscose Lycra
  • Polyester Cotton
  • Polyester Wool Lycra
  • Wool Linen
  • 100% Cotton
  • Cotton Linen
  • Polyester Viscose Linen
  • Polyester Rayon
  • Polyester Wool
  • Wool Lycra
  • 100% Wool
  • 100% Linen
  • CVC & PC Yarn-Dyed Shirting

Dress for the show that never stops


Siyaram’s world class manufacturing Plants are equipped with state-of-the-art machineries and latest cutting-edge textile technologies sourced from around the world. Their weaving strength is enhanced by the high-tech factories at Tarapur and Silvassa which have resulted in the manufacturing of wide range of textiles which are at par with the global standards.

Most of the weaving machines are equipped with the latest Staubli selvedge name writing jacquard machines.

  • Picanol, Somet and Dornier - Rapier machines
  • Toyota Airjet (Japan)
  • Benninger Sizing machine (Switzerland)
  • Auto drwaing Stabuli (Switzerland)
  • SSM Winder


Siyaram’s has in place a renowned processing and finishing plant at Tarapur which includes the following machines.

  • Parex Singeing (England)
  • Osthoff Singeing (Germany)
  • Airo 1000 (Italy)
  • Super Finish (Germany)
  • Tumble Drier (Spain)
  • Sanforizing
  • Relax continuous Scouring (Germany)
  • Scouring & Milling (Italy)
  • Shearing & Cropping (Italy)
  • Comfit Machine
  • Sueding / Brushing (Italy)
  • Shiner
  • Kuster calender (Italy)
  • Stenter (India)
  • Kier Decatizing (Italy)
  • Formula 1 (Italy)
  • Jet Dyeing M/c s (Italy, China, Taiwan, Turkey & India)
  • Jigger

Research & Development

  • CCI warping and loom

About Siyaram's

Siyaram’s Silk Mills Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, committed to creating world-class fabrics for the fashion forward trendsetters.

For four decades now, their bespoke men’s wear fashion has been synonymous with high quality, continuous innovation and iconic futuristic designs which are local at heart and international in appeal.

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