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Shri Ramrikhdas Poddar Balika Vidya Mandir

Siyaram Poddar Group has been proudly running Shri Ramrikhdas Poddar Balika Vidya Mandir for more than 50+ years now which is an exclusive girls school at Fatehpur Shekhawati, Rajasthan affiliated to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. The school provides the best of infrastructure facilities like high-tech labs, well maintained library, well equipped activity rooms, vast playgrounds, transport facilities, etc. It has highly experienced and dynamic teachers who believe in imparting knowledge in the most innovative manner possible.

Blood Donation Camp

Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. has been successfully organizing blood donation camps timely. Recently, in collaboration with the rotary club of Boisar - Tarapur, a voluntary blood donation camp had been organized at our Tarapur H - 3/2 unit. A team from the rotary club of Boisar – Tarapur conducted the camp, 80 people volunteered and blood samples were collected. Donors were rewarded with refreshments and certificates of appreciation. Blood-donor cards were provided to the donors.

Quit Tobacco Campaign

We proudly partnered with the Shraddha Foundation to conduct an impactful "Quit Tobacco Campaign," raising awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption. The program highlighted the alarming facts surrounding tobacco's detrimental impact on health and life.

Taking an active role in this noble cause, Siyaram organized an "oral pre-cancer" detection test, urging individuals to confront the severity of tobacco-related damage. This test aimed to motivate people to break free from this harmful habit and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Together with the Shraddha Foundation, Siyaram demonstrated its unwavering dedication to driving positive change, promoting healthier choices, and contributing to the community's overall well-being. Through this joint effort, we strive to build a tobacco-free future, inspiring individuals to lead healthier and happier lives.

National Safety Week Celebration

Siyaram’s proudly celebrates National Safety Week, raising awareness about safety and health in every aspect of life. It's observed in March each year, and we believe safety should be a top priority for everyone. Our participation is a small but meaningful contribution to this important cause. Let's unite for a safer world.

Drawing Competition for Children

Siyaram’s takes immense pride in its regular involvement as a partner and contributor to various activities. Recently, we organized a drawing competition for children, demonstrating our commitment to nurturing young talents and promoting creativity.

With a focus on developing students' concentration and imagination, the competition saw enthusiastic participation from around 100 children, categorized into three age groups: 5-8 years, 9-12 years, and 13-16 years. By consistently organizing such events, we encourage and motivate the embryonic skills of young artists.

We believe that our regular engagement in such activities is essential to support and uplift the younger generation, contributing to a brighter and more creative future for them.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day holds a special place in our heart, and we celebrate it with utmost dedication each year. On the 5th of June, our staff engaged in a tree plantation drive across all our manufacturing locations in Tarapur.

As responsible partners in environmental preservation, we took the initiative to plant numerous saplings during this drive. To ensure their survival and growth, our dedicated staff also adopted these saplings, committing to care for them with utmost responsibility.

By regularly participating in such tree plantation drives, Siyaram showcases its strong commitment to environmental sustainability and our role as contributors to a greener world. We firmly believe that small steps taken consistently can lead to a significant positive impact on our planet's health and well-being. Together, let us continue to nurture nature for a better future.

Journey Towards Self Realisation

We recognize the significance of self-discovery and encourage individuals to embark on this remarkable voyage. By embracing self-realization, we discover the power within ourselves to lead more fulfilling lives, fostering a profound positive impact on our personal and material spheres. Let us embrace this journey together and experience the profound joy of self-realization.

Tata Memorial Hospital - Disease Prevention and Treatment

Contributing to the noble cause of disease prevention and treatment, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. takes immense pride in donating medical equipment to hospitals. This act has the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of countless individuals by helping prevent and treat diseases, ultimately saving lives and improving health outcomes.

We are delighted to be part of this impactful endeavor, as we extend our support to the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital. Through this act, we aim to create positive changes in the lives of people, providing them with access to essential medical resources and advanced treatment facilities.

Shree Sant Gadge Maharaj Dharamshala

Gadgeji Maharaj, a revered saint and visionary social reformer, dedicated his entire life to the service of the underprivileged and oppressed. Taking a small inspiration from Gadgeji Maharaj, Siyaram’s has tried to make a small effort to contribute to the lives of people suffering with cancer who come to Mumbai with a ray of hope. Shree Sant Gadge Maharaj Dharamshala has been supporting the noble cause of providing shelter to the cancer patients wherein Siyaram’s has just tried to make life of these people easier by contributing in increasing the sheltering space. We feel grateful and touched at the same time. Hoping to see these small moments of happiness, Siyaram does feel to contribute at various levels possible.