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Home Furnishing - Siyaram's

Home Furnishing

Decorating your dreams - Siyaram's

Decorating your dreams

Siyaram’s Home Furnishing brings to you an impressive range of home furnishing fabrics with an array of designs to choose from. It structures the space and brings it to life, striking the perfect balance. Shaped by desires and encounters, it brings well-being and beauty to everyday life.

Siyaram’s Home Furnishing - is distinguished by its thoroughly creative and ebullient vision and strong curatorial focus. From project to finished object, complementary skills come together harmoniously. Whether everyday companions or exceptional products, the objects stand out for the unique way in which they meet every requirement.

Choose from a range of fabrics and contemporary designs. Home Furnishing has become synonymous with sophisticated and elegant home décor fabrics across the country.

There are currently 1000+ retail and multi-brand outlets housing products across the country. With a production of over 3 million metres of fabrics annually, Home Furnishing is one of the top home décor fabrics manufacturers utilised by international and domestic institutions, the hospitality sector and the furniture markets, making it the top home furnishings manufacturer in India.

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