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Royale Linen - Siyaram's

Royale Linen

Exquisite linen fabrics, made for generations - Royale Linen - Siyaram's

Exquisite linen fabrics, made for generations

Effortlessly versatile fabrics that adapt to the spontaneity of life. With Royale Linen, we have redefined premium quality, comfort and fine quality fabrics.

Like Cotton, Linen is also the best-suited fabric for Indian weather conditions. The Cotton and Linen Royale formals shirts collection for men exhibits the linen collection that’s breathable and cool in nature, sophisticated and classy in appearance. The “Aero finish” technology renders a lustrous touch to the fabric which is available in hues of orange, blue, mustard, yellow, green and about 30 shades of Khaki.

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